Saturday, June 05, 2010


A few Gallitown updates:

In early May, our dayhome lady took 2 weeks off to head to the coast for a much deserved vacation. This meant we had to find someone to watch the kids. Well, we didn't find one person, we found a team. If I am not mistaken, Lynn Russell (Ally's Grandma) looked after all 3 kids the first day. Then my cousin Courtney looked after them for 6 days, Sue for one and Chrissy for the final 2. The kids loved having different people watch them because they were spoiled each day.

Auntie Courtney (My cousin) with the kids

The kids playing well together drawing a masterpiece on the whiteboard.

Chrissy decided to get crazy and took the kids to the zoo on one of her mornings.

Looking for the animals

Zach and Ally sharing a ride

A Red Panda loved Abby

Abby's favorite, a Hippo

Around the same time, in mid-May, 2 big changes happened in my life.
1. I got a promotion at work and am now a "Field Underwriter". What this means is I become a mobile Underwriter. Economical (The company I work for) has set me up with a company car and a home office giving me the flexibility to write more business for them. So far so good. Working from home has been nice, it's just taking some time to get used to the quiet. The dogs have formed there own little clique and never include me in their fun and they never laugh at my jokes. hahaha
2. I had eye surgery and am now glasses free. It's very cool. The doctor replaced the lenses in my eyes with manufactured progressive lenses (Cataract Surgery). I know I am young for cataract but let's chalk it up to the diabetes and it was in the very early stages (I didn't even know I had cataracts). My eyes are still getting used to the lenses, could take up till the beginning of July. All in all a cool change.

A glasses free Big B (with his girls)

On May 30th my beautiful nieces Ally and Lexi had birthdays. Ally turned 2 and Lexi 1. We went to 2 great parties and had a good day celebrating.

2 years old. Ally you are getting so big so fast. We love you so much.

A quick Ally story:

We were sitting at dinner the other night with the Russells and Ally says to Auntie Chrissy:

"Auntie Issy, Auntie Courtney coming over, I so happy"

I was really funny the way she said it and how exited she was to see her Auntie Courtney. I love the "I so Happy"

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