Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Are you ready? Get comfty for a super long Gallitown vacation post

On July 9th we left for our annual trip to Penticton, BC. The plan is to golf, beach and BBQ, the perfect vacation.

We travelled to Penticton with my Mom and Dad and stayed in Kamloops to split the trip in 2.

Abby getting ready for the big long ride

a few mountain goats near Jasper

Zach watching Dora

Swimming at the hotel in Kamloops

Abby and Mum getting ready to go on the water slide

G-Dad and Zach on the water slide

Abby was such a big girl going on the water slide all by herself

We got to Penticton on the 10th and on the 11th we went right to the beach. The kids LOVED the beach, not quite as much as Chrissy, but nobody does.

Abby buried in the sand

Auntie Sue with big smiles at the beach

Abby and her Mum smiling at the beach

My beautiful wife relaxing in the lake

Zach doing some umbrella pole dancing

Abby in her swimming life jacket

Zach sitting with Granny and Grandpa. I think he stole Granny's chair.

Zach and Gramme swimming in the Skaha lake

We camp at a place called South Beach Gardens right across the street from the beach.

The kids (Zach, Ally, Abby and their buddy Josh who was visiting for the day)

Eating dinner and all sitting still (Trust me, this doesn't happen often)

One of our favorite places to go is Tickleberries. It is a huge ice cream shop at the other end of the lake in Okanogan Falls

Ally eating ice cream at Tickleberries

Josh and Abs at Tickleberries

Grandma and Grandad at Tickleberries

Granny and Grandpa stayed right next to us and the kids loved getting up and going in to wake them up (jump on them)

Granny and Zach eating breakfast

We had one rainy day the first week and took the kids up to Kelowna (about 45 minutes north of Penticton) for the day. We found an awesome indoor playground/gymnastics centre. The kids LOVED it.

Zach climbing

Coming down the fast slide with Mommy

Ally and Steve zooming down the slide

Climbing with Mommy


Abs on the balance beam

and rope

and in the foam pit

waiting patiently for the trampoline

Abs jumping

More pics at the campground

Sitting way up high in a tree at the campground

On the teeter-totter with Mommy

Driving in the truck with Mommy

What a great smile from Ally at the park

Abby riding Uncle Bruce's favorite, the Good Looking Mallard

The girls cracking up Steve

A couple of Seattle T-Birds Superfans. We even made the T-birds webpage (www.seattlethunderbirds.com/summerphoto/)

More beach photos

Zach was pretty proud of his waterhole

The Russell's floating in the lake

Al has been working on this car for the past 3 years and was able to finally bring it to Penticton, drive it around and take it to a few shows. Abby love the "no roof car".

Abby got to take a ride in Uncle Al's 52 Austin (I am pretty sure that's the make)

More from the beach...

A great smile from Ally

The ducks were checking out my wife!

Nice shades Abby

Playing in the sand

Gallitown relaxing at the beach

Daddy and Abs way out deep at the dock

I LOVE this picture. The strong silent type (even though we all know he is far from silent haha)

Reading with Uncle Mike and Auntie Megan. They stopped on their way through on their honeymoon.

One night we took the kids to a big playground at the other beach. They had some fun playing

Daddy and Abby on the big bee

The Gallitown ladies on the swings. Notice the legs...exactly the same

Chrissy, Abby and Ally swinging on the big swings

Zach running at the park

Eating popsicles at the trailer

My hilarious niece, Ally

Zach burried Abs in the sand

Ally and Zach playing in the sand

Eating lunch in the wagon

Who says the wagon is just for the kids?

This year we took Abby golfing. Her first time ever on a real course (St. Andrews by the Lake golf course). She did so well and had a blast driving the golf cart, playing some golf, taking pictures and always putting our balls into the hole for us.

Abby and Granny waiting to tee off

Abs in the golf cart with Mum and Dad

Abby teeing off hole 3

The Chubb Sisters waiting to tee off

The girls looking way better then the guys!

Abby teeing off. Man I was so proud of her!!!

More beach...

Zachy driving his boat with Mommy

Abby doing some swimming with a little help from Dad

Zach and Uncle digging a big hole

Every year we go to the Lost Moose restaurant at the top of one of the mountains in Penticton. It was a great view and some good BBQ'd grub.

Abby having a special strawberry drink

Zach and Abs with Granny and Grandpa

The kids with Grandad and Grammee

The Gallimore Russell family

The Venables Gallimore family

A nice picture of Gallitown

Chrissy and I

A picture taken by Abby of the table at Lost Moose

Zach and Ally checking out the train at the Lost Moose

Grandpa and Zach

The next few pic's are from our annual Gallimore vs Honeychurch golf match at Fairview Mountain Golf course in Oliver. This year the Gallimores won

The Walrus teeing off the 4th hole

The Honeychurches (Steve Russell and Al Petersen)

The Gallimores (Brian and Bob)

One night the Grandparents babysat the kiddies and we went out to a sweet Mexican restaurant and then went mini golfing at Loco-landing. While we were eating guess who showed up? see next pic...

Eating a delicious Fajita

Granny and Grandpa took the kids out for a fun bike ride. Zach was SO excited that he got to wear a helmet

Steve and Sue getting ready to mini golf

What a good looking crew

Sweet stance Lil C

Big B attempting to sink a put

Golfing at Twin Lakes Golf Club.

Chrissy playing the canyon hole at Twin Lakes. Notice the deer in the background

This was my best shot of the week. 6 inches from a hole in one...so close...

Me and my beautiful wife overlooking the first and tenth holes at Twin Lakes

We had one lousy weather day the second week and took the kids to a petting zoo in Keremeos, a small town about 30 minutes West of Penticton

The rabbits were cracking Sue up

Add ImageChrissy's pretty popular eh?

Grandad and Chrissy feeding bunnies with the kids

Abby and Auntie Sue feeding a mini horse

Mum and Zach with a Donkey

Ma posing with a Rooster (if you weren't aware my Mom has a little "thing" for Roosters...)

Here I am with my favorite at the petting zoo, the pot-bellied pig

Zach and G-Dad feeding a goat

Daddy and Abby feeding a baby goat

G and I were feeding this crazy goat.

Walking one of the many trails

Big Zach driving the tractor

Abby liked the tractor too

We took the kids for a tour of the orchard and they got to ride with Mommy in an apple cart

A few more beach pics...

Zach relaxing in the water with Grandpa and Granny

Abs floating in her singing boat

Ally floating in the lake

Nice pose Grandpa

Zach swimming with Mommy

Big Daddy and his kids

The kids playing with Uncle Al

Big B on the beach relaxing

The kids and I burried ourselves in the sand

Back at the campground

Who would have thought they'd enjoy sharing corn on the cob (their idea...)

Chrissy blowing bubbles for the girls

The 3 Muskateers in the wagon

The 2010 PING Trophy winner, Bob "Big Dawg" Gallimore. The trophy was presented by is grand-daughters Ally and Abby

The traditional kiss the trophy

Abby taking care of Darby the dog (Uncle John and Auntie Dot's dog)

The kids putting on a show before bed. The girls even had Zachy dancing.

On the way home we stopped in Valemount to split the long drive in 2. We stay at a very nice campground and needed to burn some energy, well the kids anyway, so we went over to the park to run and play.

Grndad racing with Zach and Abby

Ma and Pa posing nice in front of the mountains in Valemount

Zach running with Uncle Steve

A huge smile from Ally

Ally in action kicking the ball around

Abby kicking a huge ball around the park

I love this picture. I just finished spinning Zach around and he is stumbling because he's dizzy.

I am getting beat up on by all three kids here

My handsome boy Zachary Edward Gallimore

My beautiful gril Abigail Anne Gallimore

My perfect wife and I in front of the mountains

As always, we had a great time. For more pictures check out Steve and Sue's blog at http://ssrussell.blogspot.com/


Steven said...

Nice post.
Actually the Bunnies were scratching Susan.

Man am I proud of my daughter for that pose with the goggles! That's my girl!

Lots of sweet pics!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic pictures - so glad we were able to be there for some of the fun. Love you all. G&G from BC xx

Angie said...

Great pictures! Looks like you had an amazing vacation.