Saturday, July 03, 2010

Day 2 & 3

The boys playing with the trains

Great Grandad and Abby doing some painting

The gang relaxing after dinner on Canada Day

Abby and Great Grandma playing Candyland

Uncle Richard playing with the kids

Shannon and Matt reading to Zachy

Shannon and big Zach

Abs riding one of her horses (Uncle Richard)

A quick pose-down before the rehearsal

Getting ready for the rehearsal

Practicing walking down the aisle before the rest of the crew gets to the church

Brian leading the troops letting everyone know where and what they'll be doing

Big Zach waiting for his turn

hand in hand...let's pray it happens the same way this afternoon!

Everyone's in their spots

Granny and Abby deep in conversation

Grandpa Bri and Uncle Art having some fun. Twins?

The gang at the rehearsal party

Great Grandma, Katie and Great Grandpa at the rehearsal party

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Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures - thanks for providing a record of this weekend!! Love you all very much. Mum xx