Monday, August 30, 2010

That's My Boy!

So Cool! I can't wait to start watching Oiler games with him!

Making cookies with Big Papa

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Visit with Great Grandma and the Esks game

This past week Zach made the move into a big boy bed. He looks so small now...

On Saturday morning we went over for a visit with Great Grandma

Grandma took us on a tour of her place. The kids LOVED taking a ride in Great Grandma's walker.

On our tour the kids got to pick out some snacks and we went back to Grandma's place to munch on the muffins.

Saturday night Susan, Steve, Chrissy and I went to the football game. It was a little weird going into the game because I was in an Eskimos jersey and I was getting heckled by Saskatchewan an Eskimo game. After the game was a little different because the Eskimos WON! We might have to start going to all the games, we must be good luck.

Chrissy and I (poncho's are because we got poured on)

Steve and Sue

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Playing, Tom and Shauna Visit and Snowsuit Modelling

Playing drive thru with Ally. "Burger fies peas"

The girls concentrating hard on making their Mr. Potato head figures

Abby's awesome creation

We had some friends from Calgary come visit the Russell's and Gallitown. Tom and Shauna were a lot of fun to have around and the kids LOVED hanging out with them and playing with them. Tom liked getting his butt kicked at Killer bunnies too!

Picture of everyone at Breakfast Saturday morning

Shawna reading to the kids

crusin' in the sand

Great balance work Abby

The kids favorite at every park, the swings!

How long can you hold on Abby?

Big Zach going down the slide

Ally and Uncle B about to race down the slide

I know it's only mid-August but we found a couple of really nice deals on snowsuits for the kids so we had to scoop them up. Abby wanted to do a fashion show and then Zach joined in the show...

Sweet pose

"Hey Mum, do i look smart?"
Abby tried on Chrissy's reading glasses

I've fallen and I can't get up

Strike a pose

Abby holding onto the high bar and then dropping to a stop freeze

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pics from this week

I came home from work on Monday night to this:

Perfection! Dinner on the back deck with my family, it doesn't get much better!

Zach helped carry the Kettle Corn from the farmers market on Wednesday night.

The Koi pond at Mike & Megan's house.

That one is so huge!

Feeding the Koi with Uncle Mike.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Haircuts and a nest

Kids got haircuts earlier this week. Took almost 4 inches off Abby's but I wasn't allowed to get Zach's head shaved so they cut off a bit but left it long enough for the curls to stay. The hairdresser then sprayed it Red to match his shirt...

So last year we had a birds next under the upper level of our deck but by the time we noticed it the babies had left. Not this year. In the first picture ,I believe, 3 robin chicks. In the second picture you'll see the nest and then mom on the fence in the background. She was watching me pretty closely so I didn't get to close to get a really good picture.
Also, earlier today I watched as the mom chased away a magpie from the nest. pretty cool.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

One more Calaway Park Picture...The Log Ride

One last story from Calaway Park. It was 11:30 on Saturday and the sun was shining bright so it was time to do the ride that Chrissy and I had been waiting for all day, the Log Ride. Zach and Ally were too small to go on the ride so they went with Gramme, Steve and Sue to go on some other rides while Abby, Chrissy, Grandad and I waited to go on the Log Ride. We waited...and waited...and waited...and an hour later we got on. I was SO proud of Abby as she had fun dancing to the music in line and never complained about the wait, just asked questions. We got on and everything was good...we go up the first hill and then down the mini slide and get a little wet. Abby did NOT like this. She was at the front and it scared her. She wanted off but it was too late. Up the next hill and then it was time to come down. Chrissy cheered, I cheered, Grandad cheered and Abby? Well, she cried. Poor girl. The picture Calaway Park took was so good we had to buy it (see below). Abby and Chrissy got soaked and I am pretty sure Abby won't be going on that ride again anytime soon, in fact, the next day Sue mentioned we should go and Abby stopped in her tracks, turned aroiund, and told Sue "NO LOG RIDE!!!)

Monday, August 02, 2010

Camping at Calaway Park

This past weekend was AWESOME. We went to Calgary and camped at Calaway Park. Calaway Park is a big amusement park just outside Calgary on highway 1 on the way to Banff. We went thinking we would go to Calaway Park on Saturday and then to either Heritage Park or the Zoo on the Sunday. Well, we had so much fun on Saturday at Calaway Park that we decided to go back on Sunday too. The pictures may seem a little jumbled but that was because we did a lot of the same rides and the favorites (Baja Car ride) lots!!! Enjoy the pictures and videos.

(For more pictures check out Steve & Sue's Blog at

Can you guess what toy we got from Wendy's on the way out of town?

Cookin' up some bacon, sausage, eggs and toast for breakfast

Running to the park

On the model T car ride. I think someone is a little excited...yeah, ME!

Getting ready for the ride

Grandad and Ally riding

Chrissy and the kids on a crazy swinging every which way ride (first one of the day)

The gang waiting to go on the airplanes

Grandad and Abby on the plane

Mum and Zach

On the Balloon ride with Grammee

A huge smile

They loved this one

My beautiful niece Ally

Zach on the train


This was Abby's first time on the roller coaster. It was very cute. An older girl (Taniesa) was in line with her and asked Abby if it was her first time. When Abby answered "yes", the little girl helped her on and rode with her. Abby LOVED IT!

Riding the swings

Big Daddy and Zach cheering Abby on on the swings

Sue (7 months pregnant) and Bob (9 months, ready to pop, pregnant)

The 3 musketeers

Waiting for the BIG train ride to start

Man this boy is cute eh?

Driving the boats

The kids pretending to sleep

Abby posing in front of a huge polar bear at crossiron mills mall

Abby posing in her new Fedora hat and her Dad's shades

The view from our campsite. We were literally a Driver away from the front entrance

There's a story to this picture. Abby saw this bunny on the first day and was kinda scared of her. Well all night she was telling Ally and Zach that she was going to give the bunny a high 5 and take a picture. Well we got there the next day and she chickened out. Grammee and I finally convinced her to pose with the bunny and she was super pumped she did afterwards. On the way home today she started giggling, when we asked her what she was laughing about she said "remember when the bunny was fixing her hair before the picture, that was so funny." Such a sweetheart!!

Abs riding a nice white horse

This ride was crazy. Chrissy actually had to get them to stop early cause Abs was ready to puke (Not sure if she was really sick or just kinda scared...) luckily we were the only people on the ride so they had no problem stopping it.

Ally driving her Mom around in a model T car

This is a cool picture. My boys little hands driving the big car

Mum and Abby on the airplane ride

Uncle Steve and Abs up in the Balloons

Zach went up with Auntie Sue, Ally, G-Dad and Mum.

The kids on the cars

Zach and Ally driving the train and Abby sitting back and taking it all in.

I like this picture. Big Sis watching little Bro on the rides

Zach burried in the ball pit

Abby jumping in full bore

I LOVE this picture. Hands in the air and yelling and having the time of her life.

G-Dad loves going on rides. As most of you know, I do not. I have a weak stomach. BUT, I did this one for Dad. I told him he's paid for enough golf games that I owe him at least a roller coaster ride. That's us in the front two seats of the last car.

Zach driving Abby on the boats

A big smile from Ally

Abs loved going on rides by herself. Here she is on the airplanes

Ally smiling big on the "horsey ride"

Mommy and Zach on the Carasel

Two peas in a pod. These two had SO much fun on these Baja bouncy cars

Playing some games. Uncle Steve ended up helping Abby win a prize...kinda

I think someone is having fun, you?

Zachy on the Baja cars

Aby taking Mum on the airplane ride

Grandad took Abby on the Swinging boat

Zach was all business driving the train

This was Abby's favorite ride

Chrissy and the kids on the egg ride. Hands up and yell "YAHOO!!!!"

Ally cracking Sue up

Gallitown in front of Calaway Park

The whole gang

This is the family posing in our T-Birds gear. We're now on the Seattle T-Birds Website (click here)

Here are a few videos of the kids riding some of the rides

Abby on the By-Planes

Abby on the roller coaster

The kids loving the Baja Bouncy Cars

The crazy spinning ride Abby didn't care for

Everyone on the airplane ride