Tuesday, August 03, 2010

One more Calaway Park Picture...The Log Ride

One last story from Calaway Park. It was 11:30 on Saturday and the sun was shining bright so it was time to do the ride that Chrissy and I had been waiting for all day, the Log Ride. Zach and Ally were too small to go on the ride so they went with Gramme, Steve and Sue to go on some other rides while Abby, Chrissy, Grandad and I waited to go on the Log Ride. We waited...and waited...and waited...and an hour later we got on. I was SO proud of Abby as she had fun dancing to the music in line and never complained about the wait, just asked questions. We got on and everything was good...we go up the first hill and then down the mini slide and get a little wet. Abby did NOT like this. She was at the front and it scared her. She wanted off but it was too late. Up the next hill and then it was time to come down. Chrissy cheered, I cheered, Grandad cheered and Abby? Well, she cried. Poor girl. The picture Calaway Park took was so good we had to buy it (see below). Abby and Chrissy got soaked and I am pretty sure Abby won't be going on that ride again anytime soon, in fact, the next day Sue mentioned we should go and Abby stopped in her tracks, turned aroiund, and told Sue "NO LOG RIDE!!!)


Ian McKenzie said...

Look at that... lined up from youngest to seriously old! ;-P

Steven said...

Absolutely PRICELESS!
You should blow THIS one up to poster-size and hang it in your living room.