Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Playing, Tom and Shauna Visit and Snowsuit Modelling

Playing drive thru with Ally. "Burger fies peas"

The girls concentrating hard on making their Mr. Potato head figures

Abby's awesome creation

We had some friends from Calgary come visit the Russell's and Gallitown. Tom and Shauna were a lot of fun to have around and the kids LOVED hanging out with them and playing with them. Tom liked getting his butt kicked at Killer bunnies too!

Picture of everyone at Breakfast Saturday morning

Shawna reading to the kids

crusin' in the sand

Great balance work Abby

The kids favorite at every park, the swings!

How long can you hold on Abby?

Big Zach going down the slide

Ally and Uncle B about to race down the slide

I know it's only mid-August but we found a couple of really nice deals on snowsuits for the kids so we had to scoop them up. Abby wanted to do a fashion show and then Zach joined in the show...

Sweet pose

"Hey Mum, do i look smart?"
Abby tried on Chrissy's reading glasses

I've fallen and I can't get up

Strike a pose

Abby holding onto the high bar and then dropping to a stop freeze


Steven said...


Sweet Stop Freeze Abs!!

Anonymous said...

Abby - you look gorgeous in glasses!! Love, Granny