Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Visit with Great Grandma and the Esks game

This past week Zach made the move into a big boy bed. He looks so small now...

On Saturday morning we went over for a visit with Great Grandma

Grandma took us on a tour of her place. The kids LOVED taking a ride in Great Grandma's walker.

On our tour the kids got to pick out some snacks and we went back to Grandma's place to munch on the muffins.

Saturday night Susan, Steve, Chrissy and I went to the football game. It was a little weird going into the game because I was in an Eskimos jersey and I was getting heckled by Saskatchewan an Eskimo game. After the game was a little different because the Eskimos WON! We might have to start going to all the games, we must be good luck.

Chrissy and I (poncho's are because we got poured on)

Steve and Sue


Steven said...

The best part of the game was when Saskatchewan got a Too Many Men penalty! All the Esks fans and I cheered. Ha ha!

Go Stamps!

Anonymous said...

Who are you -- and what have you done with my real son! Mom