Tuesday, October 19, 2010

30th, Crazy hat day and a sweet video

First, Happy Birthday Uncle Steve. 30 years old. All I know is the Carousel is coming your way! Hope you had a great day!

Tomorrow is crazy hat day at Chrissy's office so Ian brought home a big box of crazy hats for her to use. My personal favorite and the kids is the giant cowboy hat

A big smile from Zach

drinking some juice

Abby took this picture of me. "Like a Tiger"

Abby's sweet cowboy pose

Abby wanted a picture with Bear

Steve got an iphone this week and after dinner last night we were playing football with the kids and Steve took a video on his phone.
First we were playing Abby got a hand-off ad then tried getting around Grandpa and Zach. Next it was Zach's turn to try and get around Abby and this is what happened....

What a hit!!!!

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Steven said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes.

Man that video is stinkin' funny! I love Zachy's reaction: "Kaboom" and then he just goes on being a boy.