Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Abby's 4th Birthday Party

This past Saturday we held Abby's 4th birthday party at a gymnastics club where Abby does gymnastics every Saturday morning. Abby and a bunch of her friends got to cruise around the gym trying out all the different equipment. The kids all seemed to have a great time and Abby loved it! Here are a bunch of pictures from the party:

Abby getting excited with Zach

Abby and Zach getting ready to party

Zach showing off for the party coach Melanie

Ally checking things out

The girls getting ready to spring into action

I LOVE this picture. It looks like there is a halo over Josh's head. What an angel!

The Perry boys stretching

Kassidy, Sabrina and Jack getting warmed up

Abby must have learned to stretch like this from her dad!

One last warm-up and it's time to play

Jonah on the Trampoline

Josh jumping high on the trampoline

Logan striking a pose

Sabrina on the trampoline

Zach crossing the balance beam as a bear

I like this picture too. Abby is chasing down her little cousin Ally

Kassidy sliding along the beam

Who gave Grandpa the camera?

Time to try the rope swing

Josh on the rings

Jack holding on tight

Logan cruising across the gym mat

Ryan swinging away on the rings

Abby on the rings

Jonah showing them how it's done

Jack getting ready to swing on the rope

Jonah swinging sky high on the rope

Kassidy swinging

Sabrina with some nice moves on the rope

Josh is a little monkey

Abs liked the rope swing

Look out Jack, Abby's falling head over heals (sorry couldn't help myself)

Ryan heading onto the rings while Abby owns the parallel bars

Jack hanging tough

Zach could be a professional with these moves

Josh about to jump

Abby bouncing down the trampoline

Kassidy jumping like a kangaroo

waiting in line to jump with Melanie on the trampoline

I think Abby's looking for a high 5 from Jonah

Ally jumping with Melanie

Zach jumping

Time for the birthday bumps

Now, let me tell you, it is virtually impossible to get nine 2-6 year olds to sit still for a picture. Here is our best efforts:

Waiting on the bench for the party room to open

The crazy boys

I am not sure what Logan and Sabrina are up to

The beautiful girls

Abby's Care Bear birthday cake

A great smile from Jack

My beautiful 4 year old

I think someone like the cupcakes!!!

Me and my girl!

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Tammy Williams said...

Looks like a wicked awesome birthday. The kids sure had fun huh?!