Friday, November 26, 2010

Gallitown at the Oil Kings game

First we ate at Montana's or as Abby and Zach call it, " Hanna Montana's"

Sweet ice cream smile Zach!

This was Zach's first time since he was quite small at a live hockey game. He was blown away when we got to our seats. Just stood and stared....very cool!

My beautiful daughter wearing her new Oilers hat

Big Zach watching the game. We had awesome seats. First row of the second deck, center ice. It was perfect for the kids!

Abby and Mummy with matching hats

Big Poppa and Zachy

Nothing beats Popcorn and a hockey game!

Zach and Abby sitting in Leo the Lion's King chair (Leo's the Oil Kings mascot)

Abs wanted a solo pic in the chair

The kids loved dancing. Here is a video of them dancing after an Oil Kings goal

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Time for Christmas

Uncle Ian and Big Poppa putting up the Christmas lights

Time to go up top

How much weight does the roof hold? yikes...

Some nice smiles from Mum and Abs

Time to start decorating the tree. Here's Daddy and Zachy placing an ornament

Abby placing ornaments on the tree

Zach's turn

Mummy and Abby decorating the tree

More decorating

Time for the finishing touch. The Angel for the top of the tree

The tree is finished

Time to put the tree skirt on. good helping Zach!

Abby and Tatum the Reindeer

Chrissy, and Abby feeding Syd

Wow Abby looks like a big girl in this picture. geez how time flies. She's here feeding her little cousin Sydney

Here's a video of Abby singing and dancing with Santa. Zach is still a little scared to go near him. He gets Abby to start the music.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Few Random Pictures...

Uncle Ian and Abs making a DQ blizzard

Posing with the finished blizzard.

Zach posing with his new CAT train.

The whole crew checking out the new train

A nice smile

Sydney sleeping away. So peaceful

Auntie Chrissy is loving ever second of the cuddling

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Halloween 2010

Abby dressed as batgirl for preschool. I love this costume. she's super cool!

The gang carving pumpkins

Zach picking pumpkin goop with Mum

Ally digging right in with Auntie Sue

Abby scooping out the guts

Ally scooping out the pumpkin goop with her bare hands. I was impressed!

Zach helping Mummy

Auntie G with her and Ally's Pumpkin creation

Abs helping big poppa

Ally with her finished pumpkin

Abby posing with her pumpkin creation

Abby and Ryan at Gymnastics dressed as a nurse and doctor in training

Zach the burger

Abby the butterfly

Sydney the jack o lantern

As Zach would say "Burger Fries" (His favorite meal)

Mum and her two kiddies

The 2 most beautiful butterflies I have ever seen

The 3 Musketeers

Ally and Sydney. What a great big sister

Trick or Treating at Grammee's and Grandad's

Trick or Treating at Auntie Naomi's place

This is a pretty good lookin crew. from the left: Josh (Motor X Driver), Abby (Butterfly), Luke (Lion), Ally (Purple Butterfly), Zach (Burger) and Sydney (Jack O Lantern)

Trick or Treating around the block

Handing out candy to the other kid once we got home