Friday, November 26, 2010

Gallitown at the Oil Kings game

First we ate at Montana's or as Abby and Zach call it, " Hanna Montana's"

Sweet ice cream smile Zach!

This was Zach's first time since he was quite small at a live hockey game. He was blown away when we got to our seats. Just stood and stared....very cool!

My beautiful daughter wearing her new Oilers hat

Big Zach watching the game. We had awesome seats. First row of the second deck, center ice. It was perfect for the kids!

Abby and Mummy with matching hats

Big Poppa and Zachy

Nothing beats Popcorn and a hockey game!

Zach and Abby sitting in Leo the Lion's King chair (Leo's the Oil Kings mascot)

Abs wanted a solo pic in the chair

The kids loved dancing. Here is a video of them dancing after an Oil Kings goal

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Anonymous said...

Great dancing Abby and Zach!!

Love you lots, Granny xx