Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Time for Christmas

Uncle Ian and Big Poppa putting up the Christmas lights

Time to go up top

How much weight does the roof hold? yikes...

Some nice smiles from Mum and Abs

Time to start decorating the tree. Here's Daddy and Zachy placing an ornament

Abby placing ornaments on the tree

Zach's turn

Mummy and Abby decorating the tree

More decorating

Time for the finishing touch. The Angel for the top of the tree

The tree is finished

Time to put the tree skirt on. good helping Zach!

Abby and Tatum the Reindeer

Chrissy, and Abby feeding Syd

Wow Abby looks like a big girl in this picture. geez how time flies. She's here feeding her little cousin Sydney

Here's a video of Abby singing and dancing with Santa. Zach is still a little scared to go near him. He gets Abby to start the music.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures - especially Zach helping with the tree skirt and Abby dancing with Santa! Love you all!! Granny xx