Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Zach's 2nd Birthday Party

Getting ready for the party. Helping Daddy blow up balloons

A Thomas the train cupcake cake

The boys playing some hockey

Opening up some sweet presents. Lucky boy!

Time for thanks yous. I was very proud of Zach. he said thank you and gave a hug after every gift he opened. Here he is giving Auntie Bethany a big hug

and Uncle Keith

A big hug for Auntie Megs

and Auntie Megan

"Thank You Grandad"

I like this picture. My niece is pretty dang cute drinkin her juice

Jonah didn't stand a chance. Zach and Logan had him pinned in no time

Hugs for Grammee

and Auntie Sue

Thank you hugs for Uncle Steve

A family effort to open this huge present

A thank you kiss for baby Sydney

Opening up more gifts

I love this picture. Zach sure does love his Uncle Ian

That's my boy. eat that pizza!

I love this picture too. Zach is So pumped that Granny & Grandpa skyped for the party!

Zach blowing out the candles

Grandpa and Granny watching from Vancouver

Zach wanted to drive his train on the track on the cake. makes sense...

A big cupcake smile with Uncle Mike

Dig in Zach

Jonah and Abs enjoying the cupcakes

A big smile from Logan

Ally chowing down

Lexi enjoying the sweets

Logan beating up on his dad (not hard to do)

Uncle Steve and Syd

nice blue tongue Abs

just walking along minding her own business carrying a balloon

Is this a sign of things to come? We can only hope...

Uncle Mike using the semi-truck as a skateboard. Zach loved it. Check out the video below!

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