Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas at Gallitown

On December 19th we went to Great Grandad's place for a big Christmas party for the Gallimores. We ate Chinese food and the kids got a few presents. We all had a blast playing with all their uncles and aunts.

Ally, Zachy and Abs eating like good kids with Uncle Burke

Time to play-fight. First Zach give Burke a bodyslam...

but then gets tickled. I think Burke won this battle.

Sydney's turn to bodyslam Burke and I KNOW she won this battle!

Ally distracted Burke while Abby got him with a sneak attack. What a team!

My beautiful niece Alyssa Marie

The kids got hockey nets and golf clubs from Uncle George and Auntie Cynthia. The question is, how many Gallimore boys does it take to put a kids hockey net together?

We now understand why Burke scores the goals and doesn't try to save them!

Abby shooting on Burke and Zach playing defense

From left to right: Lynn, Zach, Adam, Jen, Cynthia, George, Great Grandad, Ma (Fran), Pa (Bob) and Susan

From left to right: Pa (Bob), Susan, Lynn, John, Abby, Burke, Me (Brian), Steve, and Ma's head (Fran)

Auntie Courtney and Uncle Darrell were missing because they were in New York on vacation (LUCKY!)

Later in the week before Christmas this was me reading to the kids in their new matching jammies they got from Granny and Grandpa as an early Christmas present.

I think Abby is more concerned with her orange than the story

Later that week...

The kids dressed up in red and green for a Christmas party at Brenda's house (Their day-home)

Then came Christmas Eve. We went to the candle light service at church (more to come on that...) and then came back to Gallitown for some family time.

The kids in their new jammies with Uncle Steve and Uncle Mike. They are all yelling here. Surprise, surprise when it comes to Steve and Mike!

Here are the 3 Musketeers doing some yelling of their own

Then it was time for Christmas morning. The kids were spoiled. Here is a video of the kids coming out to see what they got from Santa...

Abby and Zach opening up presents on Christmas morning

Zach posing with his new garage he got from Santa

Abby posing with her new baby set up she got from Santa

We then went over to my Mom and Dad's for our traditional Christmas breakfast. This is one of my very favorite Christmas traditions! Pa makes a huge feast for us all and then we spend some great quality family time together opening gifts and laughing together.

Uncle Burke and the kids in their new T-Birds gear

Big Poppa, Burke, Abs and Uncle Steve in their new T-Birds gear

Is that Zach or Calvin Pickard?

I was pretty lucky. I got a scarf, signed hat, sweet touque and an awesome jersey from Burke and gang for Christmas. I was so surprised and happy. It was awesome!

Uncle Burke with his #1 fan

After breakfast we went home and all had naps. After the kids got up we went back to Ma and Pa's for a nice Turkey dinner. Great Grandma, Uncle Doug (From Winnipeg), Crystal and Jeff with their little boy Easton (from Calgary), Steve, Sue and Ally and Syd were all there!

Granny an Grandpa (Brian and Anne) flew in from Vancouver on Christmas day evening and we went and met them at the airport. We then went back to Mike and Megan's for breakfast on boxing day and opened MORE presents!

Sitting at Mike and Megan's waiting for some delicious crapes to be made

After breakfast we went back to Gallitown for some naps and then a Turkey Dinner with the Venables clan (followed by turkey sandwiches after the 2nd period of the Oiler game!!!)

Granny helping Abby make some beautiful jewelry

Grandpa playing garage with Zach

It's motorcycle time. Check out the video below for more!!!

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