Sunday, December 05, 2010

Galli Rally

Last night we had all the Gallimore cousins over to Gallitown (except Burke) for dinner and then we watched Burke's game. It was nice to have everyone together for the evening and Burke's team, the Seattle Thunderbirds, won in a shootout over the Prince George Cougars so that ended the night off perfectly!

Uncle Adam, Auntie Courtney and Uncle Steve showing the kids some videos of the T-Birds dancing (more to come on that later)

The 3 Musketeers all decked out in their T-Birds gear

And now we add Baby Chinchilla (That's what Abby calls baby Sydney)

Abs and Chinchilla (I love this picture)

Auntie Courtney in her T-Birds hoodie with Abby

Sydney getting ready for her evening snack. I love her big eyes!

Auntie Courtney pulled up a video of Burke dancing on the T-Birds webpage. It's Burke and Charles Wells teaching a new dance. The kids loved it so we (Courtney and Steve) started teaching them the dance (check out the videos below)

Watching the dance on the big screen and trying to do the same on the Gallitown dance floor


Here's a shot of the pups. By the end of the night they were pretty worn out. This is the Duke...

and my beautiful girl, The Bear

Playing on the computer (without fighting...)

In their jammies watching the first few minutes of Burke's game

Uncle Darryl in Abby's poang watching the game

Here are the videos of the kids learning the T-Birds dance

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