Thursday, December 09, 2010


Chrissy and I have been talking about getting tattoo's for a while that represent our kids. On our 6th anniversary in October we decided that's what we would get each other. We made an appointment at Enchanted Ink in Sherwood Park and went through a consult and then finally tonight we got our tattoos. Chrissy's is very cool, partly because she designed and drew it herself. Clare (our tattoo artist) touched it up a bit but it is Chrissy's design. We both got A & Z for Abby and Zach and then I got the kids birth dates underneath. We are both very happy with the result. Here are a few pictures for ya

This is Clare. She did a great job.

All Done

My Finished Tattoo

Clare working on Chrissy

All Done

Chrissy's Finished Tattoo

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Steven said...

Awesome! Looks like they turned out perfect!