Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fun in the snow

On Saturday we took advantage of the awesome weather and got dressed up in our snow gear and played in the front yard. We have had so much snow that we were able to make a toboggan run in the front yard. It was alot of fun!

The 3 Musketeers ready to go play in the snow

Abby and Zach posing before the fun begins

This picture is to show you how deep the snow was in the front yard

Big Daddy making a snow angel

Little Abby making a snow angel

Now this is one good lookin snow bunny!

Man my daughter is cute!

Zach and Abs at the top of the toboggan hill

A Close up of Black bear and Brown bear

Auntie Chrissy with little Alyssa

Big Daddy and Abby playing in the snow

Zach and Ally shovelling

Auntie Sue playing with Zach and Ally

Mum and Little Bear

Auntie Sue and Abs

Ally getting ready to jump into the snow

Mummy with Abs and Zachy

Mom and daughter posing in the snow

Auntie Sue with Abby and Ally

Ally taking a ride in the toboggan

Steve with little Sydney

Now THIS is a good lookin snow bunny. What a cutie little Sydney is!

Ally & Abby going down the hill together

Pulling Zach through the snow

Abby heading back to the chair lift

A big smile from Zach

Zach crusin down the hill

Who's that hot chick running the chair lift?

Looking good Ally and Uncle Steve

Abby's turn to go down the hill

Abby, Uncle Steve and Ally cheering Zachy on

Here comes Zach down the hill

This is Abs and Zach snow-slamming Uncle Steve

My beautiful snow bunny niece Ally

This is an awesome picture. It's Steve after he did a face first belly flop into the snow. Click here to go to the Russell's blog to see the video!

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