Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy New Year

We had a fantastic New Years this year. First we had a huge family dinner and then we headed over to the new Sherwood Park Community Centre and Festival place for a family fun filled evening.

First we all enjoyed an awesome roast beef dinner made by my wonderful mother in law Anne. it was delicious! You'll notice Sue and Steve aren't in the picture. They were at a wedding so we got to spend some quality time with our little nieces Ally and Sydney. A BIG thanks to Ian and Megs and Brian and Anne for all their help throughout the evening!

The family posing for a pic...kinda...Mike was giving kisses

Now it was time to head to the community centre. Our first stop was the prince/princess crown building station.

Making prince and princess crowns

Making crowns with Big Daddy, Auntie Megan and Granny

Then we headed over to a giant inflatable slide. Ally and Zach were all ready to go but got scared off by some big kids just before they were about to go up. They decided to just watch Abby instead.

Abby climbing up to the big slide...

and sliding down...

Next it was time for the Salto gymnastics center. Salto is where Abby does her gymnastics every week so she was right at home in this area.

Zach jumping off the trampoline

Doing the balance beam

Abby getting some help doing a flip

The kids loved the gymnastics section so they wanted to do it again. Here they are waiting to go again with Auntie Chrissy/Mum

Abby coming out of the tunnel

Playing with ribbons

Ally on the trampoline

Abs taking a huge jump off the trampoline

Zach just after the balance beam

Little brother watching big sister do a flip on the gymnastics bar

After we played in the Gymnastics centre we headed over to a huge jumpy castle. It was a little big for Ally and Zach but Abby gave it a go.

Abby jumping in the BIG jumpy castle.

Waiting and watching Abby with Uncle B and his sweet touque hair

We then headed over to the pirates sword fighting area. Basically an area set up to beat up on your parents with play swords. Uncle Ian took one for the team and got beat up by the kids!

Zach and Uncle Ian one on one

3 on 1. Uncle Ian had no chance!

The tattoo parlour was next. Each kid and Auntie Megs got a tattoo

Ally was the brave one. She went first to get her tattoo. After seeing Ally go Zach and Abby had no fear.

Ally checking out her new Tinkerbell tattoo

Abby's turn. She wanted Batman for Daddy (Man I love that girl!)

Sweet tattoo Abby!

Zach wanted Batman too

What a stud!

Auntie Megan getting a Fairy tattoo

Nice one Auntie Megs!

We then headed over to the Lantern building station. The lanterns were inspired by the lanterns in the new movie Tangled which is in theatres right now. It was actually the movie we took Abby, Ally and Zach to earlier this week. The kids first movie ever in a big theatre.

Mum helping Abs and Zachy with their lanterns

Abby actually did most of it herself. She's getting too big too fast!

Uncle Ian helping Ally make her lantern

Making Lanterns

Posing with their finished Lanterns

Next the kids found the smaller jumpy castle

Abs jumping high

A crazy silly face from Abby

Ally chatting with Uncle Ian

Zach jumping

Then it was time for the fire works. They did them at 8pm which worked perfect for our young family!

Abby and Zachy with Granny and Grandpa watching the fireworks


Ally and Uncle B watching the fireworks display

More fireworks

What a great evening. I TOTALLY recommend going to Sherwood Park's Community New Years Eve fun night. It was awesome and the kids had a blast!

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