Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Birthday, A visit from friends, A day at the spa, A jumpy castle, Packers win and Bald is Beautiful

It was my birthday a few weeks ago and here are few quick pictures of me with the kids.

Abby and Big Daddy

Me and my kids on my birthday

Opening up gifts from my wife and kids

At the end of January we had friends come and visit for the weekend, Tom and Shauna Ginn from Calgary. We had a great visit and had a blast hanging out with them for the weekend. The kids absolutely loved playing with them!

Abby watching Syd jump

Wow she is growing up fast.

Beep Beep, coming through

Abby and the boys playing iphone together

Shauna "Batgirl" Ginn and Zachy "Batman" Gallimore

Abby hanging out with Tom

Last Sunday my Mom took Chrissy and Sue to the spa at the Hotel MacDonald. It was their birthday presents. The girls were spoiled with an awesome brunch and an hour massage each.

A sample of the brunch buffet

Getting ready for the massage

Auntie Sue relaxing by the pool

The pool/hot tub area at the spa

While the girls were at the spa they left Steve and I in charge back at home. We didn't know what to do so the only logical thing that came to mind was set up a 8x8 foot jumpy castle in the living room to help contain the kids. Isn't that what you'd do?

Ally jumping up high

Zach in mid-flight

trying to jump higher

Abby seeing how high she can go! I have to explain the outfit. I was in charge of dressing her and it was Superbowl Sunday so I dressed her all in green to help cheer on the Packers. The tucked in socks is just my cool style!

Ally jumping

posing nice

Uncle B with little Syd

"I've fallen and I can't get up"

Abby directing traffic (like she always does)

The 3 Musketeers looking over...

and under...


Steve with his hands full

Uncle tickling the little ones

Steve, Zach and Syd. Poor Zach doesn't know what to do having to sit with a Flame fan. Poor old stick

After the girls were done we all headed back to Grandad and Grammee's house for the Super bowl. Packers won! Yahoo!

My beautiful niece Sydney

An awesome smile from Syd

Zach playing with the cars at Gramee's and Grandad's

As most of you know my friend Steve from work and I participated in the Hair Massacure this year. The idea is to dye your hair pink for a while and then collect donations that go towards fighting Cancer. Our Team, Steve-O and Bri vs Cancer raised almost $4,000 between the two of us in 3 weeks and then it was time to shave all our hair off.

The before picture (Steve's dye kinda faded by the end)

Zach saying one last good-bye to Daddy's hair

Time to shave

1/2 done

Steve starting his shave. He had a lot more hair to lose so it was a pretty big deal for him to go bald. Way to go Steve!


The kids watching as all of daddy's hair gets cut off

I kinda liked this look. Should have kept it

The kids watching Steve-O get shaved

A Bald Steve. He looks like a Ninja!

All Done

"Feels weird Big Daddy"

All shaven

I wasn't going to post this picture but it shows how much fun Steve and I had. Couldn't resist.

Team Steve-O and Bri vs Cancer

Abby with her freshly shaven Big Poppa

Walking out of the ice palace. The place was packed. Very cool.

These next 2 Videos are pretty funny. The first is of the kids chasing each other in the jumpy castle. Zach is trying to catch Abby but never does. The second is what happens when he eventually catches her. I especially posted this video for Keegan and Chambers at work because they love it when Abby says " No thank you Zach"

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k said...

I think the real caption is that Syd can barely contain her excitement about being a Flames fan. She knows that all the cool kids cheer for the Flames.