Saturday, February 26, 2011

Vancouver 2011

Last weekend we went to Vancouver for a mini vacation. We had a great time visiting with Granny and Grandpa and went on lots of adventures. Here are a bunch of pictures from our trip...

the airport getting ready to go to Vancouver

At Montana's for dinner before our flight

Watching the planes while we wait for dinner

Getting ready to take off

Watching treehouse on the way to Vancouver

Guess who the kids found in Vancouver?

Waiting for Daddy and Grandpa to get home

"Helping" Granny make a trifle for Daddy!


On Friday morning Chrissy's friend Jodi came over for a visit with her 18 month old daughter Grace. We had a great visit and I know Chrissy really enjoyed catching up with Jodi

Having a picnic for lunch

Abby reading Grace a book and Zach listening in

On Friday night we went to Pacific Coliseum to watch Burke and the Seattle Thunderbirds take on the Vancouver Giants. The T-Birds didn't fare so well but we had a great time watching and cheering Uncle Burke on!

Go T-Birds Go

The kids and I watching warm up

There's Uncle Burke

Zachy watching the game. He loves hockey so much!

Nice look Grandpa!

The National Anthem

Burke starting to battle

Some die hard T-Bird fans

Abby waiting to give Uncle Burke a poster she drew for him

One day we went to Granville Island to check things out. There was a huge toy building with roughly 20 toy stores in it. Pretty neat.

Playing in an airplane

walking around at Granville Island

Here are a few random pictures hanging out at Granny and Grandpa's house

Zach playing with his cars and a sweet garage Daddy built

Playing with Daddy and Grandpa on the couch

Zach loving his chocolate chip cookie and milk

Eating chocolate chip cookies after a bath

On Sunday we got up early and drove to Seattle to watch Burke play in a Thunderbirds game. We stopped at every mall and outlet mall on the way. It was a great day.

Not sure how Bri and I ended up together in the back seat but talk about a bonding experience!

Granny riding in the train with the kids

Posing in front of the train ride in the mall

After the mall we headed to Kent Washington to see Burke play. The T-Birds won 4-3 in a shootout. Burke had a fight and a shootout goal. It was awesome!

Walking into the stadium

Zach and I watching warm-up

Watching Burke up close

My 2 favorite T-Birds

It was mascot night at the game. So awesome!

Sitting with Uncle Darrell and Auntie Courtney at the T-Birds game

On Monday we decided to go to the Zoo. We weren't sure what we were getting ourselves into but ended up having a great time even though it started to snow while we were there. We saw lots of cool animals and had some fun on the train.

These guys are the worlds largest rodent. They are called Capybaras

Checking out the Peacock

Zach liked the 2 Lions

Posing in front of a Black Jaguar

Abby having a staring contest with a monkey

2 Giant Hippos, inside staying inside from the cold

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Walking with Granny and Grandpa

Checking out the beautiful tiger

"I'm Thomas"

The kids decided to make thier own train on the way to the real train ride

Checking out the cool train engine

The crew riding on the train. It was pretty cool because it went through the entire zoo and gave you a look at all the animals

Checking out the great horned owl. "Hoot Hoot"

Don't worry folks, this is NOT a real Lion, I repeat, the Lion is not real!

Abs with Leo the Lion

On Tuesday we went to an awesome place called Crash Crawlies. It's a giant indoor playgound that also has a train you can ride around on. Very similar to Kidz Quarters here in Sherwood Park except about 4 times bigger. The kids loved it of course! (The adults had some fun too!)

"Hey guys, follow me!"

The kids climbing...

Mummy following

Mum and the kiddies way up high

Zach stuck in a bubble

The kids climbing with Mum and Granny

Granny and Zachy coming down a big slide

Chrissy followed them down

"Look out below"

Granny in the ballpit with big Zach

Abs and Gran taking a break

Zachy and Granny

It wasn't just the kids who were having fun on the jungle gym. Sweet moves Grandpa!

Big smiles on the Train

Zach loved the Train

Abby riding the train

Big Daddy jumping with Abs and Zachy

Granny getting ready to do a bum drop

Grandpa playing with the kids on the trampoline

You guys better be careful or you'll get lost in the ball pit

Abby climbing in the jungle gym

Zach climbing in the jungle gym

Abby, Zach and daddy way up high in the roadster

Coming down the huge twirly-slide

We went to our favorite ice cream shop. 218 flavours ranging from curry to balsamic vinegar to pina colada to apple cinnamon

Zach eating his ice cream

Abby taking a big lick of ice cream

Just relaxing while eating their ice cream

Grandpa, Granny and the kiddies

Zach on the plane ride home

Abby watching a little treehouse on the plane

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