Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pictures from the last few weeks including a trip to the Circus and a Huge Haircut for Zach

Zach and his buddy Syd. Zach is all boy when it comes to most things. He will be rough and tough and kick and punch but when it comes to Sydney he is so gentle. It is very cute.

Big Cousin Zach

Zach sure loves little Sydney

Abby holding Syd (one of Abby's most favorite things to do)

The 3 girlies

Abby just loves to hold Sydney. Here they are playing together. I am not sure who is having more fun, Abby or Syd.

After my Grandad's funeral a few weeks ago we all went over to Mom and Dad's to hang out with family. We had a great time celebrating.

Burke in the captains chair

Abby putting on a show

Grandad and Uncle John

The girls jumping over a sleeping giant (Burke)

The sleeping giant

Big Poppa

Auntie Courtney and Syd

Uncle Adam and Zach in the middle of a deep conversation

Uncle Darrell posing with beautiful tiara

Uncle Steve wrestling with Zach

Mummy and Zachy

Uncle Steve

Gramee and Baby Sydney


Zach body slamming Auntie Courtney

Syd sporting T-Birds colors

A big Cool Bird smile from Ally

Ally playing with Auntie Jen

Posing with Granny and Grandpa before Church

Baking cookies with Granny

Last Saturday evening we went to the circus. It was great and I know the kids had a blast!

Abby with her sweet light up butterfly

Leo the Lion

That's right folks, a circus buffalo. Only in Alberta...

A baboon on stilts

Scary aerial Motorcycle tricks

Abby eating popcorn watching the aerial motorcycles

Zach showing off his new light up toy

The aerial princess

The white horses dancing

Abby posing with the Elephant. It was her favorite animal at the circus.

The elephant in action

Well done elephant!

Tonight Zach and Abby got haircuts. Abby just got a trim as we are trying to grow her hair out but Zach got his first big boy cut. We shaved it all off. He looks great!

Before Pictures

Getting the haircut:

After Pictures:

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