Saturday, April 02, 2011

A Few Random Pics

Abby and Grandad dancing

Who let Grandad do Abby's hair?

Big Zach holding his little cousin Sydney

A couple of smiling sisters

Last Saturday Chrissy and Abby went with Sue and Ally to one of Madison's Cheer competitions. They cheered really hard for Maddi and she did a great job coming in 2nd place!

Sue and Ally

Abs with Uncle Morley

I Love this picture! Ally and Abby with their sign and cheerleader bunny

Sue and Steve were out and about so Chrissy and I got to spend time with all 4 kids. We decided to take them all for a drive. Ally and Abby in the back and Zach and Sydney in the middle.

This week we bought a new truck. We bought a 2011 GMC Sierra that will be very nice to pull the trailer with. Here is a picture of the kids saying good bye to the Betty Lou (the Minivan).

Last night we took the kids over to Kidz Quarters to burn off some energy

Crawling through the cargo nets

Say Cheese

Mum and Abby

Zach racing through the maze. He sure can motor in the gym now. hard for Big Poppa to keep up.

Abby upstairs and Ally and Uncle Steve downstairs

Zach, Abs and Mum ready to go down the slides

Zach liked to race on his belly!

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