Saturday, May 14, 2011

About a month ago Tom and Shauna came for a visit from Calgary. We spent some quality time together hanging out, eating like kids and laughing so hard it playing hilarious games. It was an awesome visit and we can't wait for the next one (hint...hint...nudge...nudge...)

Shauna reading to Zach and Ally

Beautiful smiles from Shauna and Abby

Tom and Zach playing with Elmo

Shauna and the kids doing puzzles

Tom and Shauna bought the kids an old school Snoopy snow-cone maker. They had a blast making snow-cones and downing them. I am not sure who liked it more, the kids or Tom and Steve!

The first run at a snow-cone

Success! Ally loves it!

I think Tom is having way too much fun! lol

Shauna and Sydney hanging out while the snow-cones are being made

Abby with her cool hat on eating snow-cones

Zach loves the Snoopy snow-cone maker!

Steve had to have his turn. he couldn't resist!

A Big smile from Ally

Tom and Zach relaxing with their legs crossed playing on their iphones

Ally relaxing with her Uncle B playing on an iphone

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Shauna said...

Thanks for posting these - I'm stealing a few. And thanks, as always, for hosting the SP/Ginn reunion weekends... they're the best!