Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Long Weekend

On the May long weekend we went to Aspen Beach at Gull Lake to do some camping with Mom and Dad and the Russell's. We had a great time playing at the campsite, park and the beach. We ended up coming home on Sunday afternoon and avoided the rain which in the end was a good decision. All in all we had a fantastic weekend. Here are a bunch of pictures from the weekend:

Reading to the munchkins on night one

Playing horseshoes with Abby

Zach & Ally playing bean bag bocce with Uncle Steve

Abs and Daddy playing ladder against Grandad

Chrissy and Grandad catching some rays

Steve with his marionette puppet Sydney

B & G

Abby posing in a tree

What a beautiful little girl I have!

Abby at the beach

Zach and Ally playing in the sand at the beach

Ally making a sand castle

Now there's a couple of good lookin' people

Mum and Zachy

Zach playing with his shovel in the sand and water

The girls of Gallitown at Gull Lake

The gang at the beach enjoying the great weather

Abby playing in the water

Grammee chasing Ally around the beach

Sue with her baby girl Sydney Grace

Grammee and the kids playing "What time is it Mr. Wolf?"

Grammee's turn

Zach and Syd playing on the blanket. Pretty cute. Syd likes watching her big cousin play cars

Papa Terry bought the kids a really cool bubble making machine. This thing was so cool spitting out tons of bubbles and not even using too much soap. Very cool. Kids loved it!

Zach trying to take out the bubbles with his golf club

Big smile from Abby amidst the bubbles

Syd getting in on the bubble action with Grandad

Abby on the Log Roller

Zach and Ally getting ready to race down the slide

Grammee giving the log roll a go. She did pretty good I must say.

Grammee helping Abby out

Is that you hanging upside down Abby?

Grandad doing gymnastics. He's not very good...

Now winning the race on the slide he can do

Auntie Sue's famous waffles for breakfast! Delicious!!!

Zach playing golf. Par 5

The boys playing some football

Zach and Ally playing with the cars

Sharing peanuts with Dad

Syd fast asleep in Grammee's arms

Campin' Zach chillin' in his chair

Grammee using Syd to hold her peanuts

Ready to head to the park in the wagon

Auntie Sue playing in the sand

Doin a little gymnastics

Mum getting in on the action!

Sweet bar thing train girls

"Girlz Rule"

Abby loves holding her cousin Syd so much!

Nice BBQ'n skills Stevie

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kristen said...

Was Chrissy blonde as a kid? Every time I see a picture of Abby I'm amazed that her hair is still so light!

Looks like you all had a great weekend despite having to cut it a bit short.