Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A visit with Granny

My mum came for a visit while the boys were away golfing, it was great to have the extra set of hands and the yummy food was a nice treat too!

Granny and the kids went right to work:

Abby and Zach showing Granny the trampoline

Baking some chocolate chip cookies

Granny made Zach a Batman apron so he wouldn't have to wear Abby's Tinkerbell one when they were baking. Zachy thought it was pretty sweet!

Playing "Hide & Go Seek"

The 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Salvation Army in St. Albert was while Mum was here, it was nice to share in the celebration and see a lot of familiar faces that were a huge part of our lives for so many years!

Mum sharing some memories of our 7 great years in St. Albert

There were a lot of pictures up of different events at the church over the 25 years, here are a few that I took pictures of:


Anonymous said...

Great blog Chrissy. I love the pictures of the kids baking.

Granny xx

Shauna said...

Sweet apron, Zachy - where can I get one? :)