Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Young Guns Win!!!

The 2011 G8 has come and gone and this year, for the first time in quite a while, I am pleased to announce that the Young Guns are back on top! Dwight "Shark" Anthony carried our team winning the Individual Competition and I (Brian "Walrus" Gallimore) joined him in winning the Team Match Play Tournament.

It was VERY close this year. The Bears (Brad "Skunk" Reiter and Brian "Chuck" Venables) and the Young Guns were very close going into the final match and the Young Guns came out on top. The Caballeros (Steve "Flying Squirrel" Russell and Bruce "Buttercup" Coley) came in third followed by the Clydesdales (Bob "Big Dawg" Gallimore and Al "Mustard Man" Petersen).

We had a fantastic week with great weather and even better company. We laughed so hard at some points (dinners, ugly shots and Dwight falling into sandtraps) that I was in tears.

It is truly the best 4 days of the year and it is awesome playing with such close friends.

Only 360 days till the 2012 summit begins...

The Young Guns over-looking the par 3 5th hole on the new Ridge course at Predator Ridge.

The G8:

The G8 (From left to right: Brad "Skunk" Reiter, Brian "Chuck" Venables, Al "Mustard Man" Petersen, Bob "Big Dawg" Gallimore, Brian "Walrus" Gallimore, Dwight "Shark" Anthony, Steve "Flying Squirrel" Russell and Bruce "Buttercup" Coley)

Had to put this picture in. These two are looking pretty tough!

Team Pictures:

The Clydesdales: Mustard Man and Big Dawg

The Bears: Skunk and Chuck

The Caballeros: Flying Squirrel and Buttercup

The 2011 G8 Champions: The Young Guns: Walrus and Shark

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Shauna Ginn said...

(And now you know why Tommy and I would be intimidated to play with you guys.... )