Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Golfing with Grandad

For Father's day I got my Father a round of golf (9 holes) with his Wife, Son, daughter-in-law and his 2 Grandkids. So, this past Saturday we took the family out to Fort-in-View golf course and had a great time. The kids LOVED it and I am pretty sure Grandad loved every minute of seeing the kids enjoying the game of golf! The kids teed off every hole and putted on the green. The rest of us played the full 9. Zach won with a 33 and Abby was next with a 38. Grandad just edged out Daddy on the final hole and beat me by a stroke (I let him win for Father's Day! JK).

"We're ready to go Dad"

Grammee and Abby in the golf cart waiting for Grandad

The boys are ready to go! I think Zach thinks he's driving...

The Walrus and Mini Walrus

Zach Putting

Looks like Abby is going to sink this one!

Daddy helping out Zach on the Putting Green or as Zach would insist, the Putting Blue (Blue is his favorite color)

Grammee practicing her putting. She had a little visitor. Gotta love country courses!

Big Poppa putting

Gramme, Abby and Grandad in their cart getting ready to tee off

Mummy, Zachy and Big Poppa waiting to tee off in our cart

Zach watching his ball fly off the 1st tee

Abby swinging for the fences. Her Grandpa Brian taught her last summer to think "tick, tock" while she swings and it really helped! Thanks Grandpa!

Zach & Mum driving the golf cart

Zach getting ready to hit the Big Dog

Daddy helping Abby out on the teebox

Nice form Chrissy

Grandad helping Zach on the teebox

A Mighty swing from Zach "mini walrus" Gallimore

Abby teeing off

Our golf Team. Grandad, Grammee, Abby, Zach, Chrissy and I

Grammee and Grandad with the munchkins

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