Sunday, June 05, 2011

More pics

Last Sunday, after resting up following the relay for life, we went over to my Uncle John and Auntie Lynn's for a Gallimore family BBQ. We celebrated Ally and Uncle John's birthdays and remembered Grandad's birthday. It was awesome to spend time with family having great food, playing in the yard and as always, lots of laughs!

Uncle Burke and Zachy hanging out

Zach and Burke playing ladder

Zach and Abby playing the ladder game together. Uncle John and Uncle George were the true champs. Undefeated on the day.

The kids relaxing on a chair...

while Uncle Burke pulls them around the yard!

Auntie Courtney making faces at Ally

This is what we had for dinner! Auntie Lynn, you really out did yourself. A prime rib roast slow cooked on rotisserie on the BBQ! It was glorious. I had beef for supper and then seconds of beef and then beef for dessert!

Abby smiling with the ladder game

Huge hugs for Auntie Jen


This has become an annual picture it seems, Zachy with Uncle Burke's beer!

Abby and Zach body slamming Uncle Burke

Then big Daddy got in on the action and body slammed Burke too (with some help from Zachy)

Zach and Uncle Bukre resting. Must have been playing too hard

Abby learned how to throw & catch a Frisbee. She was awesome. Very cool how fast she learned!

Grandad and Mum playing kids in the middle with a stuffed Dog. Pretty funny!

Abby snacking on some of Uncle Darrel's Granny's famous cake

On Monday, the kids spent the day with Granny and Grandpa before they had to head home to Vancouver. They went out and got flowers to plant in front of our house. Thanks guys! The flowers look awesome!!!

Zach digging holes for the flowers to go in

Abs and Granny posing with Grandpa working in the background

The gang with their flowers

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