Monday, June 13, 2011

Simmons Family BBQ

Ally swinging with Grandad and Grammee

Great Grandma sitting on the deck relaxing

Time to eat: Abby, Chloe, Zach, Ally and Madi

And batting cleanup: Steve, Morley, Brian and Rob

The guys hanging out. Barry, Keith, Jeff, Rob, Brian and Morley

It's not often we all get together so it was time for a big family picture. What's amazing is that we are all looking at the camera. I LOVE this picture.
Back row: Barry, Bob, Jeff, Brian, Zach, Jason, Keith, Rob, Morley, Steve
2nd row: Bethany, Jan, Linda, Grandma (Grace), Susan, Sydney, Fran
Front row: Katelyn, Chloe, Abby, Madison, Ally, Logan, Jonah, Chrissy
Missing: Lexi, Doug, Crystal, Jeff and Easton

We celebrated Barry and Linda's 40th anniversary. Rob flew in from Toronto to help us celebrate!

A Perry family photo. This was the best picture we got because the boys were being bad!

Zach and Abby helping deliver the cake to everyone

Time to eat the cake

Oh geez...Who's kids are these?

A big group on the trampoline playing games

I think this was a trampoline version of dodgeball. look out Jonah!

Ally wants to swing so bad but the boys are taking their turn. Poor old stick

This is a great action shot of Jonah and Madi playing soccer

Just hanging out

Abby directing traffic on the trampoline. Chloe and Katelyn jumping with her

We all watched Uncle Morley win the 630 Ched ultimate chef competition and Chrissy was able to catch this cool moment of Jason sitting with Sydney watching Uncle Morley on TV. Great picture.

The girls: Chloe, Ally, Madi and Abby

Madi and Jason jumping Uncle Morley making him giggle like a little school girl

Madi trying to take her dad down

I think Bear is starting to get tired

The gang watching the action from the deck

I like this picture because is has everything in it. Jumping on the trampoline, the boys playing soccer, Chloe playing frisbee, Syd playing, the gallery from the deck. All enjoying a beautiful day in the backyard.

Syd playing out on the deck

Bear Bear

I was very proud of my dogs. They were very well behaved and enjoyed all the attention at the BBQ. Good job Duke and Bear

The Perry clan playing crack the egg on the trampoline

Chloe, Uncle Jeff and Zach playing catch with the frisbee

Abby and Logan jumping with Auntie Bethany

Jason and Katelyn hanging out with Sydney

Grandad pushing Ally on the Swings

Chrissy and I enjoying the sun

Wrestlemania main event. Zach vs Jason. I think Uncle Jason is winning this one!

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Tammy Williams said...

I love he group shot. PERFECT! Miss you all! Happy Anniversary to Barry and Linda;)