Thursday, July 28, 2011

Penticton 2011: Part 3

We got back to the beach

Daddy with the kids on their new sweet jetski

Abs playing with her buddy Ian Hall while the rain passed over

Gramme, Syd and Grandad staying dry until the rain passed over

After the rain passed Steve and I dug a huge castle/tunnel masterpiece

Ally on "Barbie" the Killer Whale with her Mom and Dad

Dad and Daughter time floating in the lake

This one was funny! Steve decided he wanted to be just like me so he tossed on my shirt and was strutting around the beach all tough. Brian thought he'd get in on it and tossed on Steve's shirt turning him into a muscle man! Very funny!!!

More fun at the campsite

Playing cards with Granny & Grandpa. Nice hat Abby!

Ally & Zach playing Soccer

The boys with their cigars...Black Licorice Cigars!

One more Beach shot

Zach building sand castles

We got up the next day and headed to the Petting Zoo. It was awesome!

The Guinea Pig eating out of Zach's hand

Abby feeding the Guinea Pigs

Grandad feeding the Bunnies with Ally and Zach

Abby and Mum posing with a pot-belly Pig

It tickled so much feeding this little guy

Zachy feeding a Donkey

Zach feeding a baby goat

Abs feeding the baby goat

The cute baby goat

Abby with a scarecrow and a Donkey

G feeding a Donkey

Grandad feeding a Miniature Horse

Grammee walking a baby goat

Chrissy with one of the three 2 1/2 week old baby goats

Abs walking a goat

Grandpa taking a picture of the gang in the apple cart

Grandpa's new best buddy

Lunch Time

Lunch Time, the other side of the table

Grandpa and Zach hiding in the trees

Zach and Grandpa checking out one of the baby goats

Sydney saying hi to the baby goat

Zach, Abby and Chrissy in the apple cart getting ready to go for a ride

Zach and daddy feeding a big sheep

Big Zach on the Big Red Tractor

Alyssa modelling this year's line of Red Tractors

Abby going for a ride on the Tractor

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Penticton 2011: Part 2

We were able to get down to the beach again for a little while...

Abby with her big buddies Cousin Madi and Marissa

Zach watching the Geese

Big Daddy and Zachy

One night while it was raining we set up an outdoor movie for the kids. They sat cuddled under a blanket and ate snacks while watching "Tangled".

Watching the movie

Thursday morning Al, Steve, Dad and I headed up to Oliver to play Fairview Mountain in our Annual Honeychurch vs Gallimore match. The Hunnychurch's beat us tying our season match at one a piece

Team Honeychurch: Mustard Man and Flying Squirrel. Al was upset here because they were 3 down. Little did he know that he and Steve would both drain long birdies on the back 9 to win the match

The Gallimores. Walrus and Big Dawg

On Thursday night we headed up the mountain to the Lost Moose Restaurant. It is always a great time and perfect for taking annual family pictures

Grandpa and Zach giving a "Thumbs Up"

Grandad and Zach

The Girls Club: Ally, Madi, Chloe and Abby

Cousin Chloe and Uncle Jeff

My awesome family

Gallitown with Granny and Grandpa

Gallitown with Grammee and Grandad

Gallitown and the Russells

The Gallimore clan

The Russells

The kids: Sydney, Abigail, Zachary and Alyssa

Abs and Syd

I like this picture...

Granny and Grandpa with Abby and Zach

My 2 awesome kids

Finally it was time to let loose and have some fun. No more saying "cheese"

On the way down the hill from the Lost Moose it finally happened. We saw 2 Moose. Right on the side of the road. It was awesome. We also saw over 10 dear on the way down. Needless to say we drove very slow as we made the trek down

A couple of deer

One of the Moose

A few shots from around the campsite

Blowing Bubbles

Playing Cars and Trains

Testing out the new inflatable jetski Mum bought for them