Monday, July 04, 2011

Abby Passed Junior Gym!

Abby jumping on the Trampoline

Abby on the Monkey Bars

Abby looks like she is flying in this picture. Cool jump Abby!

Abby jumping

This is Abby with her teacher Miss Danielle.

"I passed Junior Gym"! Congrats Abby! We are SO proud of you!

On Canada day Chrissy took the kids to the Sherwood Park Canada Day Parade (I was golfing...). They sat with Brenda and Tom (The kids day home provider) and had a great time.

Zach, Abby, Brenda and Tom waiting for the parade to start

Abby in a sweet pig hat waiting for the parade to begin

Zach eating treats waiting for the parade to start

This picture is for Grandad and Uncle Al

This was Chrissy and the kids favorite part of the parade. The tank came up and stopped right in front of them and did a sweet 360. Very cool!

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