Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Adventure with Auntie Courtney

One day before Abby started Daycare Auntie Courtney took Abby on an adventure while Zach was off at Brenda's Dayhome. Abby is so lucky to have spent some quality time with her Auntie Courtney. I know she had a blast! Thanks Court!

Abby in front of a giant fish tank

A little alligator

Auntie Courtney and Abs down in the aquarium

A shark

Abs in front of one of the sharks

I like the look on Abby's face in the picture. It's like she's up to no good! She's standing in front of some penguins

One of the little Penguins

Abby's Auntie Shauna from Calgary is going to LOVE this picture. She loves Giant Sea Turtles!

The Giant Sea Turtle circling around

Abby then ventured out into the mall and stopped to take a picture with this Canadian Moose

Abby and the Moose

The girls ended up in Galaxyland. Abby was so lucky and got to go on a few rides

Getting ready to take off in the dragon roller coaster

Abby in action on the roller coaster

Abs and Auntie Court on the Carousel

Abby on her favorite horse

Abby posing with her favorite horse

Best Buds!

Abby on the bumper cars for the first time ever. When Chrissy and I asked her what she thought she said that she loved them! I said "did you hit anyone?" she responded "No Dad! I didn't want to hit anyone. I just drove off at the side"
What a goofball.

After the girls were finished at Galaxyland they headed to the Sea Lion Show

Abby at the Sea Lion Show

Jumping into the water

Sea Lions Rock!

Doing some tricks for the crowd

After the Sea Lion show Abby and Courtney went for a walk and ended up at the Scotiabank Theatre and Abby saw something cool that she wanted a picture of for her dad...

That's my girl! Abby in front of a giant Batman. Super Cool!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Telus World of Science

After we got back from Calaway Park Auntie Jen and Uncle Adam asked if they could take the kids to the Telus World of Science to check out the Sesame Street Body Works exhibit. The kids LOVED it as you will see by the pictures. Thanks so much to Jen and Adam for spoiling out kids!

Zach using some binoculars under Uncle Adam's guidance

Zach the eating machine

Zach, Uncle Adam and Abby sitting on those famous stairs we have all seen so many time on Sesame Street

Abs and Zachy with Ernie

Playing in the gym

Shopping at Mr. Hooper's store

At the checkout

Zach, Auntie Jen and Abby sitting on the stairs on Sesame Street

Abby the Astronaut

Funny looking Zach in the crazy mirrors

2 Abby's

Playing the giant Piano

Getting ready to watch a cool Big Bird Movie

Abs sitting with Uncle Adam

Playing in a sandbox

Abby using the binoculars to check things out

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Calaway Park 2011: Part 3

On Sunday night we were invited over to Tom and Shauna's for a BBQ. We had super awesome burgers and then ice cream in waffle cones for dessert. The kids then got a special treat from Shauna. They each got their own wooden spoon with their name on it and got to spin their own Cotton Candy.

The kids waiting for the Cotton Candy machine to heat up

Abs got to spin the cotton candy first

A video of Abs spinning her Cotton Candy

Then it was Ally's turn

Zach spinning Cotton Candy with Shauna

A video of Zach spinning his Cotton Candy

They were pretty proud of the Cotton Candy they made!

Abs enjoying her treat

Zach munching on his cotton candy

After their treat they convinced Shauna (didn't take much:) ) to play some piano with them. Below are a few pics and a couple of cute videos.

The kids then got a chance to play piano with Shauna

The girls enjoyed dancing to Shauna's ballerina song

The girls dancing

The kids singing their ABC's with Shauna

We had a great night with the Ginn's! Thanks so much for the wonderful hospitality!

Monday morning we got up, hit the McDonald's for breakfast and headed home. What a great long weekend!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Calaway Park 2011: Part 2

The next morning we got up and went back to Grammee and Grandad's trailer for Breakfast

Abby and Grammee waiting for breakfast

Big Zach and Daddy getting pumped up for another day at the park

Watching a Hippo documentary on video (ask Grandad...) while we waited for the waffles to be made

Auntie Sue making her awesome waffles! No one makes them better!

It was then time to head back to the Park for the day. We decided to hit the log ride first to avoid the long lines. We waited about 15 minutes. Later in the day we walked by and the wait time was 1 1/2 Hours!
Last year we convinced Abby to go on the ride and she hated it! Cried the whole time. This year we convinced her it wasn't so bad. She did pretty good but she held on to me for dear life on the drops. Zach loved it. Picture and video of us on the ride below

As you can see we loved it. You can just see Abby's little handles holding me tight!

A video of Gallitown going on the log ride. Lots of fun!

Even though I have a weak stomach I am able to handle the big roller coaster...once...

A close up of Steve and I screaming for dear life. Dad and Sue are on the other side of the car.

The kids on the roller coaster for the first time that day.

I Like this picture. If you know Zach well you will know that he LOVES trains so this picture IS Zach. Just watching the train in awe. Very cool

Kids waiting to get on the train

The whole gang on the Big Train ride

Mum and Zach on the train

Zach loved the train ride!

The girls on the train sporting big smiles

Waiting patiently in line for the Swings

Having fun on the swings

The Baja Cars again...

Family picture in front of a waterfall in the Park. Best part of this picture is Susan in the background up on the Rocks. Close up below...

Silly Auntie Sue making faces in our family picture. Hilarious!!!

Ally and Auntie Chrissy on the airplanes

The boys flying together

Abs and Auntie Sue flying

Zach convinced me to go on the Baja Cars with him. Well, if you don't know me well, I have a weak stomach when it comes to rides. Check out the video below...

Zach and I on the Baja Cars

Chrissy and I watching the kids on the roller coaster

The kids back on the roller coaster

Gallitown crazy picture

The Russells minus Syd

Zach on the Bi-Plane

The girls on the Bi-Plane

We then headed back to the trailer to change and head over to Tom & Shauna's for an awesome BBQ dinner. Pictures to come...