Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Adventure with Auntie Courtney

One day before Abby started Daycare Auntie Courtney took Abby on an adventure while Zach was off at Brenda's Dayhome. Abby is so lucky to have spent some quality time with her Auntie Courtney. I know she had a blast! Thanks Court!

Abby in front of a giant fish tank

A little alligator

Auntie Courtney and Abs down in the aquarium

A shark

Abs in front of one of the sharks

I like the look on Abby's face in the picture. It's like she's up to no good! She's standing in front of some penguins

One of the little Penguins

Abby's Auntie Shauna from Calgary is going to LOVE this picture. She loves Giant Sea Turtles!

The Giant Sea Turtle circling around

Abby then ventured out into the mall and stopped to take a picture with this Canadian Moose

Abby and the Moose

The girls ended up in Galaxyland. Abby was so lucky and got to go on a few rides

Getting ready to take off in the dragon roller coaster

Abby in action on the roller coaster

Abs and Auntie Court on the Carousel

Abby on her favorite horse

Abby posing with her favorite horse

Best Buds!

Abby on the bumper cars for the first time ever. When Chrissy and I asked her what she thought she said that she loved them! I said "did you hit anyone?" she responded "No Dad! I didn't want to hit anyone. I just drove off at the side"
What a goofball.

After the girls were finished at Galaxyland they headed to the Sea Lion Show

Abby at the Sea Lion Show

Jumping into the water

Sea Lions Rock!

Doing some tricks for the crowd

After the Sea Lion show Abby and Courtney went for a walk and ended up at the Scotiabank Theatre and Abby saw something cool that she wanted a picture of for her dad...

That's my girl! Abby in front of a giant Batman. Super Cool!

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Shauna said...

Gorgeous pic of Abby - and oh yes, the TURTLE! It looks like it is going to swim right over and take her by the hand... definitely fridge material! :) xoxo