Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Calaway Park 2011: Part 1

On Friday of the August long weekend we took the kids to Calaway Park. We camped with The Russells and Grandad and Grammee at the Calaway Park Campground. The next two days we rode every ride in the park a million times. It was so much fun. The kids loved it!

Reading before bed

In the morning we went over to Grammee and Grandads trailer to cook some breakfast

The kids bodyslamming Grandad

Auntie Chrissy feeding Sydney

Cooking breakfast

Abs relaxing with Uncle

Zach driving the Model T

Mum and Abs in the Pink Ford Model T Car

Zach and Dad smiling big

Uncle Steve with Ally and Zach

Grandad and Abs on a caged climbing ride

Grandad and Sue on Calaway Parks version of the drop of doom

Auntie Sue and Abs getting ready to fly

Auntie Chrissy and Ally on the Air Planes. This was probably the kids favorite ride

Grandad riding with Zach

Daddy, Zach an Abs on one of the few rides my stomach can handle, the Balloon Ferris Wheel

Mum and Zach

The Russell family on the Balloon Ferris Wheel

Syd on her first ride. The Balloon Ferris Wheel

Abby on the fan favorite Baja Cars

Ally Crusin'

Mum on the Baja Cars with Zachy

They loved the ride so much they went right back on and rode together.

Riding the train. I like Zach in this picture. Arms out stretched and relaxing

The kids riding the roller coaster

A Close up. I love this picture! They are having so much fun!

Onto the swings.

This is a truck I drove when I was young! The girls driving the front and Zach manning the back

The gang watching Sue and Dad go on a crazy Adult ride. It goes in circles and then shoots you out over the park. Very Cool.

Dad's not sure what he got himself into

Sue and Dad having a blast

The girls picking out what horse they want to ride on the carousel

The gang on the carousel

G & Steve posing on the Carousel

The family watching a Rocking Princess Show

Zach and Abs on the Bi-Planes

Taking a break posing for a picture on the rocks

Kids in the boat. I rode this ride when I was their age.

Uncle Steve and Abby pretending they're scared

Ally and her Auntie Chrissy with hands in the air cheers

Auntie Sue and Zach cheering hard

I am pretty sure I posed in front of this Mammoth when I was Abbys age

After a hard day playing at the park we headed back across the field and had dinner at the trailers.

The kids running to the trailers

After dinner we went back to the Park for a few more hours to take in a few more rides

The kids on the Roller Coaster

Grandad on the Egg Ride with Ally and Abby

Below is a video of the kids on the Bi-Plane ride

The next post will be day 2 at the park

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Anonymous said...

I love that picture of the three of them on the Baja car with their arms up! Except Zach kept one hand on the steering wheel. Good job Zach - love, Granny xx