Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Calaway Park 2011: Part 3

On Sunday night we were invited over to Tom and Shauna's for a BBQ. We had super awesome burgers and then ice cream in waffle cones for dessert. The kids then got a special treat from Shauna. They each got their own wooden spoon with their name on it and got to spin their own Cotton Candy.

The kids waiting for the Cotton Candy machine to heat up

Abs got to spin the cotton candy first

A video of Abs spinning her Cotton Candy

Then it was Ally's turn

Zach spinning Cotton Candy with Shauna

A video of Zach spinning his Cotton Candy

They were pretty proud of the Cotton Candy they made!

Abs enjoying her treat

Zach munching on his cotton candy

After their treat they convinced Shauna (didn't take much:) ) to play some piano with them. Below are a few pics and a couple of cute videos.

The kids then got a chance to play piano with Shauna

The girls enjoyed dancing to Shauna's ballerina song

The girls dancing

The kids singing their ABC's with Shauna

We had a great night with the Ginn's! Thanks so much for the wonderful hospitality!

Monday morning we got up, hit the McDonald's for breakfast and headed home. What a great long weekend!

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