Monday, August 08, 2011

Gallimore Family BBQ

Back before we went to Penticton, we went over to my Uncle George's for a Gallimore BBQ. All the usual suspects were there. We had a great feast and some good laughs.

Abigail Anne Gallimore

Burke juggling for the kids

Sydney playing in the grass

Steve chowing down

Someone loves her Uncle Burke

Alyssa having a snack

Uncle Darrel and Uncle John

Zachary Edward Gallimore

The Gallimore Family
Back Row: George, Bob, Steve, Brian, Burke, John, Adam, Darrell
Middle Row: Fran, Cynthia, Susan, Chrissy, Jen, Lynn
Front Row: Courtney, Alyssa, Sydney, Zachary, Abigail and Uncle George's Sheepdog Sydney

The kids: Ally, Abby, Syd and Zachy

Uncle John and Grandad. Can you tell they're brothers?

Sydney lying in the shade

Chrissy enjoying the summer sun

Abs and her Dad

Best Buds

Burke and Steve playing the bean bag toss game

Big Daddy & Zach

Ally and Zach thought they could move on of Uncle George's boulders. Didn't happen...

Ally and Uncle B

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