Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Penticton 2011: Part 5

Everyone enjoying the sun while it lasts

Zach digging a big hole

Abby floating with Erica and Ruthie Hall. Marrisa Hall pushed those girls around the lake for hours that day. Literally hours...

Zach and his buddy Ian Hall digging in the sand

Ally and Zachy playing

Marissa still pushing Abs around...

We didn't have the greatest of weather this year so we had to improvise a bit. We found a cool indoor swimming rec centre and went there a few times to let the kids burn off some energy. They loved playing in the pool and we loved the hot tub. Best of both worlds!

Hanging out in the pool

Going down the slide

floating with Mum

In the spray canal

Abs and her Mama

Below is a couple of pics at our favorite ice cream shop: Tickleberries in Okanogan Falls, BC

Zach eating his "Blue" Ice Cream

Abby enjoying a cone

Below are pictures at Twin Lakes on our last round of the vacation. It was really cool. on the 5th hole we got up to the green and there were 3 deer sitting there. Then on the next two holes we saw 7 more deer. They have no fear. We were jut feet away from them.

Chrissy at the 5th green with a deer right behind her

One of the beautiful deer.

Our annual picture at Twin Lakes Golf Course. I love this picture

My beautiful wife and I

Gallitown at Twin Lakes

Pa and I

Then the kids wanted to pose with Grandad. Zach first...

And then Abby

Daddy and Zachy at Twin Lakes

After our last round, we came back to the campground and Pa calculated & input every one's scores and guess who won the PING? ME! Goes to the most consistent golfer. Yahoo!

The Trophy Presentation

Kissing the Trophy

Abby floating with her friends

Alyssa Marie playing in the water

Zach riding Shamu the Whale

Gallitown playing in the sand (Can you tell I love to dig and make sand castles?)

Granny helping Zach on the slide

Brian and Burgee catching up

Back at the campground...

Zach & Grandpa playing hockey

Abs and Granny coloring

It was time to pack up...sad...

Abby helping her Daddy pack up

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