Friday, August 19, 2011

Telus World of Science

After we got back from Calaway Park Auntie Jen and Uncle Adam asked if they could take the kids to the Telus World of Science to check out the Sesame Street Body Works exhibit. The kids LOVED it as you will see by the pictures. Thanks so much to Jen and Adam for spoiling out kids!

Zach using some binoculars under Uncle Adam's guidance

Zach the eating machine

Zach, Uncle Adam and Abby sitting on those famous stairs we have all seen so many time on Sesame Street

Abs and Zachy with Ernie

Playing in the gym

Shopping at Mr. Hooper's store

At the checkout

Zach, Auntie Jen and Abby sitting on the stairs on Sesame Street

Abby the Astronaut

Funny looking Zach in the crazy mirrors

2 Abby's

Playing the giant Piano

Getting ready to watch a cool Big Bird Movie

Abs sitting with Uncle Adam

Playing in a sandbox

Abby using the binoculars to check things out

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