Monday, September 05, 2011

Enjoying the Summer Weather...Finally

After we got back from Calaway park Chrissy took a day off work and took Zach, Abby and one of Abby's good buddies, Kassidy, to the zoo. The kids loved it and Chrissy enjoyed spending time with the little ones.

Lucy the Elephant

The kids checking out Lucy

A bunch of Monkeys

Looking for animals

About three weeks ago we got a REALLY nice hot sunny Saturday and the Russell's and Gallitown decided to take advantage of it. We blew up a little pool for the backyard and turned on the sprinkler. We had a bunch of fun in the sun!

Zach Sydney and Ally clowning around on the trampoline

The 3 Muskateers in the pool

Sydney and Steve on the trampoline

Sue, Syd and Steve enjoying the shade

My beautiful wife enjoying the sun


Auntie Chrissy running through the sprinkler with Ally

Abby getting ready to run through the sprinkler

Ally playing in the pool

Steve and Ally running through the sprinkler

Sue relaxing in the trampoline with, well, all the kids

Zach playing with some boats

Ally getting her Dad all wet

Alyssa running through the sprinkler

A video of the kids trying to soak Steve

Steve, taking a self portrait of himself

A couple of weeks ago my company had a family BBQ on a Friday afternoon. It was a lot of fun. The whole family had a great time eating BBQ's hot dogs, playing old fashioned picnic games and winning prizes.

Watching daddy get ready for a three legged race

Daddy with his buddy Chris coming in 2nd place in the three legged race

Getting set for the potato sack race

Look at me go!

Then it was the kids turn. Abby wouldn't try but Zach gave it a go. He eventually decided he liked jumping better without the potato sack!

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