Monday, September 26, 2011

A Few September Randoms

September has been a busy month. We have done a bunch of fun things so I thought I would share a few:

Early in September Chrissy, Susan and Naomi went to see Josh Groban at Rexal. Our friend Shauna from Calgary was supposed to go but she wound up too sick to make the drive. Poor Shauna. But, I am pleased to say she is back up and running and healthy again! Even though Shauna couldn't be there the girls went and had a great time. The best part was how close to the stage their tickets were. They LOVED being that close to Mr. Groban.

Sue and Chrissy waiting for the concert to start

Josh Groban. See, told you they were close

Naomi and Josh!

Sing Groban Sing!!!

He's really into this one


I know we have posted a lot about Abby's first days of Kindergarten but it is pretty huge for our family. We are so proud of Abby and so far she is doing so awesome!

Walking to school on the first day

Waiting to line up at the Kindergarten doors

All grown up! Geez, where does the time fly?

Lined up ready to go

Abby had only been in daycare of a week when she was invited to one of her friends (Ainsley) birthday parties. What was cool, was that one of her gymnastics friends (Ryan) was invited too. Small world. They had a great time at Ainsley's princess party!

Ryan and Abby

Princess Abby

All the girls dressed up at the party

In the banquet hall

This next pick was just cute

Zach and Ally snuggled up to Auntie Megs reading stories

Last Friday night Uncle Morley gave us tickets to the Eskimo game. The Eskimos lost but we had a great time taking the kids!

Is that Zach or a real football player?

Zach and Daddy on the train heading to the game

Mum and Abs on the train heading to the game

This is a cool picture of the lights st the stadium as the sun set.

Last Saturday Ian was racing in Wetaskiwin. His last race of the year. He won rookie of the year and won a huge trophy! We are so proud of you Ian! You did a great job!

Ian and Ib working on the car in the pits (#55 black and purple car)

Ian doing is time trials

#55 is the first heat. Ian's in first!

They go pretty fast! Ian scared Chrissy a few times thinking he was going to go crashing into the wall. It was awesome.

Taco in a bag! What will they think of next?

Chrissy and Ian in front of his car after the race

Chrissy in the car. She was so cute. She got so giddy...

I managed to climb in. I can't believe how small of a space they give you to drive. I guess safety first. It's pretty impressive what Ian does! I was very proud!

One of the #5's on Ian's car. Anyone who sponsored him got their name on the number. If you look close you will recognize a few names.

Blow is a video of Ian racing. It will give you a bit better idea of what he does. Very cool.

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