Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Visit from Great Grandma & Great Grandpa

Last weekend my Grandparents from Ottawa came for a visit. It was great to see them and the kids loved playing with them.

Zach and Great Grandpa playing tucks

Zach and Great Grandma playing basketball

Great Grandpa reading to Abby

Great Grandma reading to Zach

All ready for church

Abby & Great Grandma

Brian and I with our Grandmas who have been friends for 61 years!!!

Great Grandma Grace, Abby and Great Grandma Venables

Grandma Grace, Grandpa Ted and Grandma Laura

Zachy showing Great Grandpa how to play the drums

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Mike and Grandpa while on Skype with Mum and Dad

Abby reading Great Grandpa his birthday card

Abby & Zach gave Uncle Mike a Yo-Yo kit

The Yo-Yos entertained these two for quite a while!

Great Grandpa teaching Abby how to Yo-Yo

It was a wonderful visit and made me wish we lived closer.

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