Sunday, October 23, 2011

Abby's Birthday Party

To start the party off, we got the kids up to the table and they each got to decorate their own Candy Apple

Grammee helping with the Candy Apples

Ryan decorating her Candy Apple

Kassidy designing her Candy Apple

Ally and her Mom dipping in Caramel

Zach and Ryan all pumped up

Jack and his Mom getting started

Logan dipping his apple into the caramel sauce

Auntie Sue helping out Kassidy and Ally with the Candy Apples

The kids making their candy apples

Hmmmmmmmmmm what should we put on our apples?

Lisa helping the boys decorate their apples

Abby and Ryan

Katelyn standing with her Mom

After we decorated the Candy Apples it was time for a scavenger hunt. Chrissy and I had hidden buckets of treats through out the house and the kids had to go find them to fill up their loot bags.

Here I am giving instructions to the kids

The mob heading downstairs to look for loot

Chrissy helping the kids out

The boys checking out their Loot. Jack, Zach and Logan

The mob found another bucket full of treats

Lisa helping the kids fill up their loot bags

Searching for more loot

Jack found one! "Everyone over here"

Abby showing off some of the treats she found on the scavenger hunt

After the scavenger hunt we lined the kids up and let them take turns taking big swings at a princess pinata.

Chrissy giving "safety" instructions to the kids before they take their swings

Abby was first to go and she took a couple of big swings with her Mum's help

Logan's turn to take a mighty swing

Kassidy hit the pinata hard!

Ally swinging hard

Jack with a mighty swing

Ryan's turn to take a whack

Zach swinging hard at the pinata

Ryan with a big swing

Each kid with a ribbon.

Ok, no one was strong enough to bust open the pinata so we all take a ribbon and PULL!

A mad scramble for the candy after the pinata was broken open

Candy everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And of course the kids scatter and collect all the goodies

After we were done laying a beating on the pinata we got back up to the table and each kid was able to decorate their own cupcake.

All the kids sitting patiently waiting to decorate cupcakes

Time to decorate cupcakes

Josh decorating his cupcake

Sue helping Ally with her cupcake

Watch out Jack! I think your dad is eyeing your cupcake!

Uncle Mike helping Logan decorate his cupcake

Kassidy working on her cupcake

Jack and his dad decorating a cupcake

Abby and Josh decorating their cupcakes

Ally making the perfect cupcake

"When do I get to eat this thing?"

After the kids decorated their personal cupcake Chrissy brought out Abby's cake and we all sang Happy Birthday to her!

Abby checking out her Princess Cake

Abby blowing out the candles

The candles all blown out

After the candles were all blown out the kids were able to eat the cupcakes they had made

Abby excited to eat the cupcake she made

Jack chowing down

Abby and Josh

Abby being silly showing Uncle Mike (taking the pictures) the food in her mouth

Zach goofing off while eating his cupcake

Ally taking a big bite of cupcake

Big Zach chowing down on his cupcake

After the kids ate cupcakes they watched/helped Abby open up her presents

Katelyn watching the kids

The kids sitting so well while watching Abby open the presents they brought for her. What a GREAT group of kids. They were so well behaved and helped make this such a great day for Abby!

Abby opening more gifts.

Luke watching the kids

Abby opening a gift from Jack

Big Hugs for Logan

Opening up a gift from Ryan

Hugs for her buddy Ryan

The party was awesome. I think all the kids had a great time and Abby had a blast. She was spoiled by all her family and friends. Thanks to everyone who came. You made it a truly memberable day for Abby!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun with friends! I like the looks of the princess cake
With all the loot and the excitement I suspect no one napped on the way home
See you soon, Love Grandpa