Monday, October 10, 2011

Ice Skating

All of last winter Abby was asking Chrissy and I to take her skating. We kept on saying next year, next year and now the time has come. We went out and bought Zach, Abby and Chrissy some new skates and I dusted of my old pair. We then committed to the kids that we would take them skating once a week on Sunday afternoons. Here's what happened:

First a video

Zach, Abby and Mum skating

Big smiles from Abby

"I'm a hockey player!"

"look at me go"

Below is a video of Abby skating

Easy does it...

Mum helping Zach out while Abby is cruzin' along

Wipe Out

Taking a break in the players bench

Watching the other skaters

Lovin' it

Daddy helping Zachy out

Abby skating around the rink

A video of Abby trying to skate without the aid. Great job Abby!

Figure Skater?

After skating we decided we would start another tradition and that is going to Tim's for a snack. As you can see the kids loved their donuts!

Zach goofing off and the girls smiling nice. The usual.

This is a video Chrissy took on her iphone. Week 2 of skating. Abby is really starting to give er!


Anonymous said...

Awesome skating guys! Keep practicing and by Christmas you can skate circles around Granny

Love you

Steven said...

Looks awesome! They're doing great!