Monday, November 28, 2011

Skating Week 8

On Sunday Zach, Uncle Ian and I went skating. Abby and Chrissy went to a birthday party for one of Abby's friends (Sabrina) at Fort Edmonton Park. Abby and Chrissy had a great time at the party as Abby got to make her own Cinnamon bun, a craft and go for a hay ride. Zach, Ian and I had a great time skating. Zach had his best day yet. He skated from the face-off dot to the goal crease to the other face-off dot to the blue line dot all on his own with no help from a skating aid. I am so proud. He didn't want to get off the ice until I told him I would take him to Tim Horton's. Here are a few pictures and videos of skating and Tim's.

Daddy with Big Zach taking a break on the bench

Zach skating with the aid. crusin' along

Skating without the aid

Eating a chocolate dipped donut after skating


Tom Ginn said...

I love these updates! I can't wait to go skating with you guys in a couple weeks!

Anonymous said...

Great job Zach. Good thing mum wasn't there slowing you down.
Love Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Fantastic job Zachy!! I can't wait to see you skate in person - you are awesome!

Love, Granny xxxx