Monday, November 21, 2011

Swimming Lessons and getting ready for Christmas

The kids are in swimming lessons right now. Every Thursday night we take them to the Sherwood Park Kinsmen Pool. Zach is in a class with his best buddy Ally and Abby is in a class with her best bud Ryan.

Playing with a boat in class

Ally swimming around

Zach heading back to his spot on the stairs

Zach's turn to do a belly float

Ally with her boat

Abby swimming with the teachers help

No help from teacher. All on her own

Waiting for her turn on the edge of the pool

Check me out Dad!

Zach and Ally waiting for instruction from their teacher

A big smile from Ally after class

On Saturday evening we decided it was time to put up the Christmas decorations.

Abby and Mum starting to decorate the tree

Check out the candy cane Dad!

Abby putting an ornament on the tree

Zachy decorating

Abby and Zach decorating

Reaching up high

Daddy putting on a few ornaments

Dad and Zach decorating

Zach taking a break to give Duke a big hug

Zach and Abby posing with our Christmas Town

Family picture with the tree in the background

The kiddies smiling nice

My beautiful daughter

Abs wanted to decorate the back of the tree. I think she might be stuck.

Abby then wanted to take some pictures so we let her tell us what to do. She loves taking pictures on her own!

Daddy striking a pose

Taking a picture of Mommy

Mum and Dad

Below are 2 pictures of our town that I took tonight. You'll notice that all the people, trees, etc are down as if a tornado went through. Well, it wasn't a tornado. Zach told me that the giant sheep from one of our nativity scenes went through town and knocked over all the people. If you look close you can see the giant sheep...

Poor town

They just couldn't handle the giant sheep! haha

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Angela Ayers said...

Zach has the same swim teacher my Kassidy. I love that instructor!