Saturday, November 12, 2011

T-Birds vs The Hitmen

Last night we saw Burke play in Calgary against the Hitmen. They won 5-4 and Burke had 2 assists and was 3rd star in the game.
We again had a blast cheering Burke on! Great times with family and friends. Lots of laughs (Tom's dancing) and some hard core cheering (My throat is raw and sore).
Great Alberta road trip Burke! You played well and we loved cheering you on!

If that's not the cutest cheerleader I don't know what is!

Zach showing off the Galli Rally sign

Cheering Burke on

What a good looking bunch of T-Birds fans

Burke distributing pucks in warm-up

Tom sporting some sweet T-Birds gear

Getting warmed up

Auntie Courtney with her little munchkins

The Galli Rally! Notice how John (Burke's Dad) won't sit near me? It's because we cheer too loud and embarrass him! haha

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