Friday, December 16, 2011

Abby's first School Christmas Concert

Tonight was Abby's first ever School Christmas concert. It was AWESOME! I can't tell you how proud of her we are. She did a great job as you will see in the videos below. It was nice that Grammee and Grandad were able to come and bring Ally and Syd (Steve and Sue were partying). Hope you enjoy. Merry Christmas!

Zach and Big Daddy waiting for the show to begin

Little Syd playing before the show

And there's Abby dressed as a toy Butterfly with her Kindergarten buddies

Abby getting ready for the show to begin

Standing in between Max and Colby (Luigi)

Singing "Silent Night" in German (see video below)

Getting ready to sing "North Pole Diaries" (See video below)

A great smile from Abby

Here are a few videos from the evening:

Singing "Silent Night" in German

Singing "North Pole Diaries"

A Christmas Poem by the Kindergarten class called "Christmas Toys"

Singing the finale "Up Up Up in the Sleigh"

More of the finale song "Up Up Up in the Sleigh"


Anonymous said...

Great job Abby - you were an awesome butterfly. Grandpa's favourite song was North Pole Diaries and I really liked Up Up Up in the Sleigh. We can't wait to see you in five sleeps. Love, Granny & Grandpa xx

Auntie Shauna said...

GREAT job Abby!! That was a LOT to remember - and you did it all with a big smile on your face... fantastic!

And great job, videographer, steady camera work around lady with iPad... lol!

(Poor little guy next to Abs - he's not too sure if he's part of the concert or the audience!)

Love you!