Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Day

On Christmas eve the kids got to open up one present. They got matching PJ's from their Mum and Dad

First is a video of the kids coming out of their rooms to see what Santa had brought them. Sorry for the choppy video work but I was just so excited!!!

Here are a few pictures from Christmas Day:

Zach with the parking garage he got from Santa

Abby and Mommy. Abby got a new camera from Santa

Abby showing Great Granny and Grandad her new camera

Abs opening up more presents

Abby playing with her new camera

Zach opening up a present with Grandpa

Abby showing off one of her presents

Chrissy showing off her new Christmas outfit

Zach playing with his new parking garage

Sporting my new Green Bay shirt I got from my wife

Zach got some new goalie pads from his grandparents for Christmas and here is Uncle Mike strapping them on for the first time

Someday I'm gonna be in the NHL stopping pucks!

Abby doing one of her new Princess word searches

Dad getting Zach's pad's all strapped on for a game with Granny

Playing hockey with Granny

Abby and Auntie Megan playing on the computer

The boys having a pre-dinner nap

Uncle Mike strapping the pads on Abby for her to try it out.

Abby playing goalie. Check out the perfect butterfly stance!

Great Granny stirring the gravy

Big Daddy about to carve the turkey. Best part about this job is you get to eat while you cut!

Zach, Abby and Ally at the kids table

Christmas dinner. From left to right: Me, Fran, Bob, Steve, Sue, Sydney, Megan, Mike, Granny Iris, Grandad Gerald, Brian, Anne and Chrissy is taking the picture.

Check back soon for pictures and videos of Gallitown doing Zumba on the Wii...

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