Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Skating with Santa

This past Sunday we got to go skating with Santa at the Glen Allen Rec Centre. The kids continued to improve their skating and had some fun skating with their Auntie Megs and Uncle Ian. It was pretty funny, no matter where they were on the ice the kids needed to know where Santa was. Here are a few pictures and Videos from our afternoon of skating:

Zach and Abby posing with Santa

Zach skating away

Chrissy skating around

Zach racing his Auntie Megs

Abby chasing Santa...

Caught him!!!

Chrissy and Megs

Chrissy watching over Zach

Chrissy and the kids

Zach and Chrissy taking a break

Zachy chasing Santa

Big Daddy and Zachy close up

The gang at Tim's after skating

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