Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Swimming Lessons, Skating Week 10 and Abby at Gymnastics

The kids just finished up another round of swimming lessons. Both kids did great! It was awesome this round because Abby had one of her best buddies in her class with her (Ryan) and Zach had his best bud (Ally) in his class with him. I am very proud. They are both doing a great job in the water.

Ryan jumping off the diving board. Abby wasn't ready, a little too high for her...

The girls getting ready to jump into the deep end of the pool

Zach and Ally having fun in their lessons

Back Float

Abs waiting her turn

Walking with Daddy to the hot tub

This past weekend Uncle Tom and Auntie Shauna came for a visit. It was, as always, a great time. Had a blast with TONS of laughs!

Building a big train track with Uncle Tom

Playing trains

On Saturday afternoon we decided to go to Millennium skating. The kids LOVED skating with Uncle Tom and we were all so proud of Ally as it was her first time skating EVER! She was pretty nervous but toughed it out and actually said to Zach at the end: "That was AWESOME"

Chrissy holding her own between 2 Flames fans

The gang taking a break

My beautiful Abby having a good time

Is that Taylor Hall?

Abby posing with Uncle Tom, Mum and Uncle Steve

Abby getting out onto the ice

Daddy Daughter talk

I love this picture. Daddy and Zach skating in their matching Taylor Hall Jerseys

Below are a few videos from Skating

Monday night was Abby's second last gymnastics class of the fall. She is having so much fun and doing such a great job! I thought I'd take a few pictures of her progress.

Doing a flip over the bar


Making a face at Daddy

Abby on the parallel bars

Working the monkey bars

On the trampoline


This is when Abby spotted her Dad taking pictures of her. What a silly face!

Playing on the uneven bars

Working her way into a somersault

Getting instructions from teacher Nicole

On the rope

Finishing a somersault on the balance beam

Stretching out

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